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Who are we? We are a small group of friends that love games, do play a lot, work or worked partly in game related jobs such as coding and graphic design. I am doing the main work on this page, but my friends support my work and help. If you want to know a bit more about this steam curator group feel free to look up my steam group profil. If you ask yourself why I don't just post my reviews on steam, there is a very simple reason for that: Steam does state that all content on their page is owned by steam, so if anyone steals from you, you are not protected at all, because steam just ignores theft, except it hurts their own money making. Also I do work far more specific on my reviews as a curator and steam doesn't allow me to post everything as I do here. My english might not always be absolutely perfect for the reason that I am german and not talking english all the time, I hope you can forgive me.

Early Access has become the Wild West of video games by some developers, that threw some unplayable games on the market and did just take the money without finishing their game. Some stopped working on their just published game immediately after releasing it to early access. In our opinion it should not be allowed to rip off customers this way. Also for that reason we do game tests for you. Our focus is mainly on early access games. We'll help you to find the ones you should definitely buy. We test Alpha and Beta games not only when they get published, but will try to check back to make sure you are prepared for what you will get. The problem with early access is that there are a lot of descriptions that don't even come close to the facts, because people either don't really do a good research and test on them or just post their first impression of a certain state of the game.

Unfortunately a lot of review pages and curators on steam don't really work proper on reviewing and just aim to get games for free. We do not just repost reviews from steam users or record when we are playing. We do a complete detailed test instead of posting expectations, speculations or personal opinions. We rate by performance, development speed, atmosphere, playing time, concept and challenge. We will also aim to not spoiler too much and still give a good impression what awaits you in-game. To look up the reviews click on the "Reviews" button.

You are developer and search for someone giving a serious review about your game that it is worth buying. Send us a request in our steam group and we'll be happy to help.

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We need to mention, that we are not sure anymore if it is a good thing to support early access games on steam, because there were recently kryptominer viruses and spyware found in a lot of steam games. Valve does not control if any developer sells fake collectables or uses the players computer to mine cryptocurrency or spys out your data. A software named Red Shell was used at several steam games. Red Shell spys out computers and sends information to certain pages in the net when they get opened, this happens for example at facebook and twitter, but also on YouTube by watching videos. Anyone can by this be used to make money with their personal data. The so named social networks aren't social at all by this and steam gets more and more a supporter of theft and money making. Not enough that they don't take care of any of the stolen guide content people just copy from their forums and platform and same time state that the content posted by people on their platform would be owned by them to disable any DMCA reports, now they also support developers, who use the steam users to deliver them such spyware on their computers. Of course Red Shell states that they would not collect any personal data from any user but only informations about the computer and the browser informations, they are using, but even if they would only collect this data they could still identify the users on their platform. If any of you read about the Cambridge-Analytica-Skandal on facebook, you'll know how that works. None of the developers of early access games did notify the users that they will get some spyware with their games. Of course some of the developers do now remove the software from their games after they got caught and called out. But I would not count on all of them to do so, neither would I trust into them not adding software like this again. I would also pretend that this happened accidently, money is usually earned accendently, right? Cough, cough, opsie wopsie, how could that happen.

Here's a list of games that till now have been shown to include REDSHELL . Elder Scrolls Online . Conan Exiles . Ylands . Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! . All Total War games, . Warhammer: Vermintide II . Warhammer: Vermintide I . My Time At Portia . Dead by Daylight . Battlerite . AER Memories of Old . Magic the Gathering Arena . Secret World Legends . Hunt: Showdown . Escapists 2 . Omensight . Civilization VI . Kerbal Space Program . Guardians of Ember . The Onion Knights . Realm Grinder . Heroine Anthem Zero . Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade . Krosmaga . Eternal Card Game . Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 . Astro Boy: Edge of Time . Ballistic Overkill . Cabals: Card Blitz . CityBattle | Virtual Earth . Desolate . Doodle God . Doodle God Blitz . Dungeon Rushers . Labyrinth . My Free Farm 2 . NosTale . RockShot . Shadowverse . SOS & SOS Classic . SoulWorker . Stonies . Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation . War Robots . Survived By . Injustice 2 . The Wild Eight . Yoku's Island Express . Raging Justice . Warriors: Rise to Glory! . Trailmakers . Clone Drone in the Danger Zone . Vaporum . Robothorium . League of Pirates . Doodle God: Genesis Secrets