60 Seconds

Genre: Survival / Strategy / Simulation
Developer: Robot Gentleman
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The twisted sense of dark humor of this game will give you some laughs about the situation you‘ll find yourself in after the nuclear strike in a post-apocalyptic scenario. The story plays in the 1950th and except to the very first intro scene you will have only paintings leading you through the game. You start out with a tiny video that lasts 60 seconds. During this short time you will have to gather supplies and bring your family into your cellar. It will always be a challenge to collect enough during those few seconds and afterwards you will need to make the most of it and ration food and water.

The first few days you should not even leave your cellar, because radioactivity will be too high, so lets hope you collected enough food and water. Your little journal to the right lower corner will show you what to do and tell you what‘s going on. Random things are going to happen while you try to get time passing by down there in your bunker under the wasteland. You need to prepare for trips to the surface and to cheer up your family and get enough rest to not get insane. Face upcoming problems, random events, illness and surprises.

You can send someone to the surface to scavenge and collect air drops. But don‘t forget your gas mask and come back soon. Unfortunately you can not watch what‘s going on outside, you‘ll just see the cellar room. The neat little game will keep you busy with decisions that you'll have to make careful. You also need to make contact to the military if they are coming to rescue anyone, but watch out not to let any bandits in instead.

The graphic and music aren't mind blowing, but funny. Everything is minimalist and text-based. The endings are different depending on how much you screw up. You can play on 4 different difficulties: Atomic drill, apocalypse, scavenge or survival. The tutorial called "atomic drill" will explain the game mechanics to you. The game is diverting and short-lived, nothing to play for a long time.

We recommend: If you like that kind of point and click games, buy it when it is on sale!