7 Days to Die

Genre: Survival / Zombies / Open World
Developer: The Fun Pimps Entertainment
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

The zombie survival horror game is already in the top ten at steams survival games. The concept is a big zombie horde showing up at your place every 7 days, while during all other days just some rather harmless zombies are around and get only attracted if you go too close or make loud noise. You start with nothing and have to collect fast fibre, wood and stone to craft some clothes and tools. The classic start for any survival game. The open world is post-apocalyptic and offers an unique combination of shooter and survival elements.

The world is reduced to rubble, ruins, cadavers, car wrecks and trash everywhere, but you can search them and find some helpful items. You will hide in any abandoned house during the night, because the zombies get more dangerous during the darkness. If your base isn't perfect protected and you are not crouching and undetected the zombies will just tear down the walls and get you.

You will have to collect water and food to survive. There are also some animals to hunt. As soon as you got a base you can grow some food. Basically this game shows the atmosphere of the Walking Dead series. You are free to choose how you will survive, but the problems you'll face will be the same ones. Even other players can be your death on the PVP servers, but of course you could also set up your own server to play PVE with some friends. It is difficult to protect your base against attacks from other players, because they can access every base if they don't get shot.

The maintenance and repair of your base will always eat up some time. When you are done with it you can collect some airdrops with crafting blueprints or go exploring to collect rare items or find hidden treasure stashes. You also got the possibility to build a mini-bike and drive around. Other than Left for Dead you can go alone exploring, but you should take some spikes and a weapon with you, preferably a bow to stay far enough away from the zombies and not pull everything nearby. Be careful because you can get infected as well and die by this. You can build a tower, a house in water, a vault or a castle with drawbridge to stay away from the zombies during the night. In some crates, bookshelves or airdrops you can find crafting blueprints and you can level abilities on your character to improve your chances to survive. Don't expect to be completely save in a vault, zombies can even dig down to you.

The graphic isn't anything to write home about, but the developer The Fun Pimps works already on improvements. I would classify it as average and far nicer than Minecraft. The building system reminds of the Minecraft block building style. Resources can be easily collected with tools or cheated by a cheat console that is for everyone on the server available and you can construct everything you can build by using blocks. This is one of the few survival games that offers you to choose also a female avatar. Your character can be leveled and improved in some abilities. It never gets boring to go exploring all the biomes and locations they included into the map and it is definitely more fun to play this game with friends.

We recommend: If you like zombie horror games, buy it!