Academia: School Simulator

Genre: Simulation / Strategy / Building
Developer: Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This little game reminds a lot on prison architect and the artist from prison architect is indeed involved into it. Build and manage your school of dreams and watch your students how they pass their exams at high school. You need to build several facilities and take care of their needs. Keep the school clean to not risk everyone getting ill and staying at home.

Hire at the beginning enough cooks and janitors. Don't forget to give your workers also some area to recover and spend their breaks. Build canteens, clinics, a computer lab and a library as well as classrooms of cause and keep an eye on your money so that you don't get broke before your school can open at all.

Provide the best education that you can handle with your budget. The late game content is still too few, but for a good start the game is already pretty nice to play. You can fast see that it is early access and missing a lot to keep you busy for longer. Till now the playing time is far too short and it is for that reason heavily overpriced with almost 20 Euro.

The performance is fine and gameplay is except to very few bugs ok. Recently workshop support on steam did also get introduced.

The graphic isn't anything to write home about and the developers have to add more texture options, rooms, functions and items. I would classify it as average very basic pixel graphic. The building system reminds of the prison architect pixel style.

We recommend: If you like simulation building games and don't mind that it is far from being finished and graphic-wise very simlistic, buy it on sale! We would rather wait for a bit more content to be honest! We give it a good review to support the developers, but it is not worth its price!