Among Us

Genre: Survival / Spaceship Hunt / Hidden Agenda
Developer: InnerSloth
Gamemode: Multiplayer / Coop

This cute little game is about a murderer on board of a space ship, killing everyone off if you don't catch him before. After each round you may vote who could be the killer, given that you are still alive. It's description says: Play with 4-10 friends, but beware as one or more players among your crew are impostors. We played it with 4 people and it was very boring after short while, because each round was super short and 4 people are just too few. Thing is that the developers made a pop-up ingame that you need at least 5 people to play the game, but posted as a description for the game something different, which is misleading. We dislike taking random people in, because we know how stupid people can mess up every playing experience. People leaving the group in the middle of playing if they aren't the impostor, trolls, others going afk or talking in discord asides telling each others who killed them are just examples.

While you are preparing your ship for departure every crew member has to fulfill some tasks. Either being done with all tasks or kicking all impostors from your ship will let you win. With 4 people you can not react quick enough to ever undo the impostors sabotage. The impostor on the other hand will not be able to blend in very well with few people, he did not even manage to do any sabotage except to slowing down people a bit at their tasks by killing them. After you got killed you still need to go for your tasks as a ghost. You can call up a meeting if you find a dead body and then you'll have to discuss, who could be the murderer. You can do some training on flimsy excuses and strategic arguments and making others look fishy and suspicious to escape yourself of being kicked.

The game is cheap enough to lure lots of people into buying it and everyone does a review after a short time of playing, - not sure if they come back for more, because the game is short and very simple and probably rather fun for children.

The graphic is basic and like a cartoon and some curators on steam wrote seriously there would be so much content in this game. I could not find this content. The goal of the game is to make you paranoid about your own friends and maybe one or the other is going to realize that they don't have friends at all or they will just not trust them anymore. The public lobby is plagued by cheaters, because there is no anti cheat system, although it is a PVP game. I read that the community seems to ban people from their forum and discord if they don't like them. I will not deny that the game can be fun for maybe half an hour or an hour, for kids it will be maybe even more. You can lie, betray and back stab your friends and laugh about it, but then it really starts being repetitive and pointless. It is this kind of game that triggers the lowest instincts in you. A game like Cluedo is far more complex and keeps your attention. If you like to investigate or stab people I would rather go for something like that or any more challenging one like Rust or DayZ. Additionally the public servers seem to have connection problems. If you have nine friends or lots of family members that like to play together I can totally recommend this game to you.

Otherwise we recommend: If you like PVP games as an adult, buy something that keeps you longer busy than just a day, because it is not as good as some superficial players and probably lots of kids review it, or play it with your kids, that might be more fun!