Genre: Survival / Open World
Developer: Claudio Norori, Antonio Vargas, Martin Norori
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Coop

After 3 years of development I finally write this review, because the developers reached a point where the game is kinda unplayable. Don't listen to other curators on steam that do give this game a thumb up. The game lags in co-op that much, that you don't want to play it. The buildings and their loot is gone. The endless white landscape looks beautiful but even got very few animals. You would starve to death because there are also no plants to harvest.

We could not even find any axe to craft. There is a crafting menu and some technological things to use but it doesn't lead you anywhere, than collecting some ecosystem data. You start out as an expedition in the Eternal Winter setting, which was by the way also the games name earlier, but it is not really about any disaster that brought an eternal snow and ice surface to earth. You can use a sled with dogs to drive around, which seems to be fun but even the aiming to the icon to jump on this sled is sometimes a bit hard to find.

There are data collection systems like camera traps, weather monitors that you can drop at marked spots. When you are done with this, you are done. There is no tutorial, no intro, no clear goal. It seems you can go fishing and hunting and use a boat, but then there is nothing else to do. You can not even build a house.

As far as I did get it in the beginning of the development you had a camp and needed to keep your people alive by delivering food. They did not really manage to develop much more, than a nicer graphic within the last 3 years. Looks like a stranded game as the game Stranded Deep. In 2018 they suddenly changed the name of the game to Arctico and stated that the game would have changed that much, that it needed a new name. I rather think it is to sell it more often to anyone still remembering the terrible development.

I bought the game cheap in a bundle, but do think that it isn't worth buying yet at all.

We recommend: Don't buy it!