ARK: Scorched Earth

Genre: Survival / Dinosaur/ Open World
Developer: Studio Wildcard
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / MMO / Coop

The Addon and DLC for ARK Survival Evolved contains a new map in a desert area with new dinos and building items. If you got the core game you might consider to buy this map too. You’ll find canyons, badlands and mountains, sandstorms and a deep cleft in the earth with dragons inside. The nice thing about this map is that you will be able to transfer items forth and back from the other ARK maps. You can even use any of your old characters and upload it to the map. First thing to do is looking for a puddle of water, any will do, but there aren’t many on this map. It will challenge you to stand the superheat and you better don’t try to run, you would be dehydrated within a few seconds.

About 50 fortitude is a basic need if you want to take the heat easy. In the outer region of the map you’ll find only sand dunes and sand-worms. Some insects and snakes will also be at that part of the desert, but that's it. The map also offers some caves, ruins, a lava steam is down in the Wyvern cleft and there are drying-out riverbeds in the canyons. You can not tame the dragons, it is simply not true, although some well known game portals and magazines do write such crap. You need to steal the eggs and hatch them, if you want a dragon.

Some new technologies like an oil pump, wind turbines, tools like a chainsaw or boomerang or whip are now available. Additional you’ll have some desert armour that will give some more insulation. There are also new resources like clay and sand and cactus sap that you will need for building. Most of the old animals will not be on this map, except Ankylosaurus, Argentavis, Parasaurus, Gallimimus, T-Rex, Raptor, Terrorbird, Scorpion, Direwolf, Doedicurus, Coelacanth, Dung beetle, Carnosaurus, Paracer, Procoptodon, Sabertooth and Arthropluera you will find now some new animals.

If you ask yourself if this map is worth buying it, I can only recommend to get it if you are an ARK fan anyway. It hasn’t got that much variety as the other maps because its main theme is the desert, but it is still exciting and interesting to explore and survive on it. It will take a while till you breaded a dragon, caught a Mantis and killed some Desert Worms. For weather warnings you better get one of those cute little Jerboas. They do make some sound when a storm comes up. If you survived the harsh conditions till you could build some shelter and craft some armour you can start hunting for pets. Till then you better use a tent, that will also be later on helpful if you get surprised by some bad weather changes. Especially the blinding sandstorms that take all your stamina are annoying. If you carry water by taming a camelsaurus you could live everywhere, but it still won't be easy.

Not everything on this map is shiny and enjoyable, we don’t want to miss out mentioning that crafting clay is pretty grinding and you better be prepared for some challenges. We still do recommend to buy this DLC.