ARK Survival Evolved

Genre: Survival / Dinosaur/ Open World
Developer: Studio Wildcard
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / MMO / Coop

The survival adventure ARK from Wildcard lets the player wake up at the beach of a big island. The open world game is one of the Top sellers on steam. You are playing as a human that starts learning everything from crafting simple tools up to building houses. In the beginning the danger to die by dinos, fishes, insects and reptiles will keep you away from going into the jungle, but later on you'll go exploring the island with all its amazing spots to build nice bases and all the incredible animals you can tame.

You'll start with primitive weapons and end up using rifles and other modern guns. The island is full of prehistoric animals and you will have to find food and water, keep yourself warm and protect yourself. As soon as you tamed a pet you can fly or ride it with a saddle and level its abilities. You can of course also ride a shark if you manage to tame one, but without diving equipment you should not go for that.

The crafting recipe for everything is called engram and by leveling your character up they will open up in your engram list. You can choose then yourself what you'd like to learn, but some things depend on learning basic recipes before. For example a bed can only be crafted if you learn to craft a sleeping bag before. For some tools or armor you'll need a forge and crafting bench before. Some saddles you can only craft at a certain level, so you need to watch it if you should tame an animal or not and level up before. In your inventory is your crafting menu and if you can not craft something, you might still need to have any recourse in your inventory that you did not collect yet.

If you dislike the idea to have additional threats you can start the game in single-player mode. Otherwise you can play on one of the official or inofficial multi-play servers PVE or PVP. Building a fortress or house will take some materials but the possibility to use pets for farming reduces the work and by this the game doesn't get too grinding. Later on when you developed a bigger tribe to work together with other players you can even kill some bosses. This game will provide lots of hours of playing fun. If you get killed you can find for 15 min your inventory in your dead body or as brown bag on the floor. For this reason it is useful to build as soon as possible a bed or sleeping bag nearby to respawn there. If you love PVP you can also use Survival of the Fittest for fighting other people in a PVP arena.

Unfortunately the performance of this game will require a good computer with at least 4 GB ram and 40000 MB free disk space. For a really good gameplay I would rather recommend 6-8 GB ram and a good graphics card. The plus is that Wildcard still expands the game and adds all the time new content. The speed they develop the game is absolutely professional and the bug fixing is amazing fast too. Although the system requirements are a clear minus for a lot of gamers, we recommend this game, because this disadvantage always occurred relating to the newest games with newest technology during the last years. You always needed a great graphics card and a good computer for those at all times.

On the plus side the graphics of this game are just amazing, no one will deny that. Besides that we need to mention that Wildcard tries to optimize the performance of the game all the time. For an Early Access game this one is definitely most impressive and worth buying it. It got already awards for best early access game of 2015.

Our recommendation: If your computer can handle it, get it!