Genre: Survival / Space / Open World
Developer: System Era Softworks
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Coop

Astroneer is set in the 25th century to explore the space in order to get rare materials. The game has a procedural generated world of planets, which will have different conditions and biomes. You can go exploring a planet and get really lost. The surrounding is not very dangerous, except to some glitches and bugs that can kill you. A few biological creatures or plants can hurt you and you might find dynamite in a cave and be able to blow yourself up with that. Other than that running out of oxygen will usually kill you. In the beginning you can choose from 4 characters and land with a little rescue capsule. Coop also works with up to 4 people.

The planets are unique. Research goes a bit too slow. There is no character customation at all, but it seems they are planning on it. Overall a pretty fun game, although the start might be rather rough and like the start of some pioneer on a foreign world. There is a trade post that you can research and use to get rare materials. The underground experience gets tedious after a while by the needed tethers for oxygen.

You will have to collect resources for crafting and unknown objects to do research on them. There are big cave systems to explore and find all kinds of resources. Building a base is still restricted to drop some machines and platformes. Basically you research items that will generate and store energy, vehicles, tools and a shuttle to go to different planets. The world can be terraformed and it can be smart to terraform a wall around your base against the flying rocks when storms come up.

The game is still lacking a lot of content, (no water, no animals, too few plants, no forests, no changing biomes, no temperature differences, no space ship), but in general it is a beautiful game. The planets feel empty although there are materials to collect. Some bugs can kill you randomly by making you stuck in the ground, launch you into the air and kill you afterwards, by falling through the earth or objects falling through the earth. But you can usually pick up your stuff afterwards without problems.

The graphic is beautiful and colorful although it is low polygon. The music is nice and weather changes are also joined by ambient noise. The game has a little tutorial if you press F1, then you can read up about how things do work. Unfortunately your oxygen tank runs out very fast and you need to drop everywhere teathers to collect materials in the beginning. Later on you can research a rover and use that one without teathers or connect the teathers to it. The developers seem to do a good job with their updates, but they take some time. The game is definitely more fun in coop. It will get quite boring to play it alone. Also we need to mention that you will probably be done with most of the content after about 15-20 hours, because the game is lacking content. The developers need to add more purpose, than building on each new planet just the same base.

We recommend: If you like space exploration games, you can buy it already on sale!