Genre: Management / Simulation / Strategy
Developer: Halfbus
Gamemode: Singleplayer

You got two types of characters, the security guard and the workers. Your workers can be the scientists, who produce drugs or dealers, that can also deal your drugs. You start out with a small building and produce your drugs in the cellar. At first you'll expand your business by building new rooms. Later on your goal will be to take over nearby buildings that will allow you to produce and sell more. The game is a minimalistic pixel strategy game.

The police can raid your building or some criminals will show up, try to kill you or ask for protection money. The challenge is to get enough guards to protect your drug empire. You might want to hire those in time. A garage will allow you to deliver your drugs. If you don't have any you can still directly sell them by a sales room. All your rooms will need power and a generator to provide that power.

At the garage you can buy different vehicles to transport your drugs to different districts. It is the only way to deliver them to other districts and it can only be build on the top floor. The game starts out with a tiny tutorial, that explains how to stock the house with rooms and get started in your business.

The game has a sandbox mode and a story mode. You'll be able to build different support rooms for your staff to recover from work and heal them and improve damage. There will be two competitors that claim the district to be theirs and ask for a share of what you earn. Those Mafia fractions will get a bigger threat the longer you play. You should know that there can be bugs and if you are unlucky the game crashes without saving when you close it.

Currently the game has English and Russian language. The graphic isn't anything special, but just cute enough to fit the games needs. I would classify it as average pixel graphic. The music and sound are a bit repetitive, slightly psychedelic and not very enjoyable. There is a button to speed up or slow down time, but be careful. The drawback of the game is that you can only restart the last level, you can not quit a session and start the game from the beginning in the story. You can not even delete your story in the game menu. You can not skip the intro. Other than that the game is well made and fun to play.

We recommend: If you like management strategy games, you can buy it on sale but be aware that the development goes really very slow!