Beat Cop

Genre: Adventure / Retro Game / Detective Story
Developer: Pixel Crow
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The funny point and click adventure is an homage to the 80th police movies and tv shows with its music and cool sayings. You may not view the game from a racists point of view, because a lot of comments and dialogues are shortly and cocky and not really serious. The whole story happens on one Brooklyn block of the streets in New York and in the police department office. The graphics of those two pictures are cute though, but there is not much more than some views from shop interior. Sometimes your protagonist will enter any apartment but you'll never see those inside. To me personally the riddles in this game were too complicated to solve them alone, so it can be quite a challenge to do the right thing at the right time. Looks as if you'll end up without solution otherwise.

The street will be filled by people that pass by, sit on stairs or just hang around. There is a war going on between some Mafia guys that own a pizzeria and some black guys that own a pawnshop. You need to watch it that you don't make enemies with any of them, but you will not be able to keep up your reputation at the police if you don't take sometimes action against those guys. On the other hand they will kill you if they get too mad at you. Unfortunately you can only repeat the last day and not go back to any other save. I loved the first Point and Click adventures I played, like Monkey Island, but you did not get pressured to do your tasks in a certain amount of time. In this game you get pretty often stressed out.

Every morning starts with a meeting and briefing at the police department. Every day you get sent out to collect tickets for wrong parking and broken lights and worn down tires at cars. The people will sometimes catch you at this and ask you to make a deal and forget about that ticket. You can make friends by this too, but there are also other ways to get the informations you need from people. If you accept a bribe your reputation at the police drops. If you give someone a ticket, that asks you to talk from one American to another your reputation among the citizens will drop.

During the game you need to finish your patrol in time, talk to people, investigate why and by whom your partner was murdered. Find out where some senator's diamonds did disappear to that got lost at a robbery in the very beginning and arrest criminals, mainly thieves that might run away and need to be caught. You will have to read a lot, so if you don't enjoy doing that this is no game for you. It is a typical point and click game with dialogues. If you get called to take care of a robbery you will have to shoot the criminals. Being successful at this means you'll get a great boost of reputation at the police and in the public.

The story keeps you busy searching for clues, but every day asks you to collect enough tickets and money to pay some alimony to your ex-wife and fulfill tasks the rivaling sides give you same time. You do not need to do everything, said your partner in the beginning, but if you don't you always collect some negative points by any side. I had the feeling that it gets really hard to fulfill all daily tasks and to figure out what you should do and what you can skip. Also I did not really find all people I would have needed to talk to and had not even enough time to do so and solve the story. I was just far too busy with running up and down that street to do my two patrols each day asides to even realize that I missed out something. I felt a bit lost without any hints what I would have needed to do and did not really go on to the end after I had to start all over quite often till I did get what to do at all and till I read at a guide that I missed out on doing most of the main quest all the time. The game seems to be fun if you are patient enough to find all out and don't mind to repeat a lot of it or to just end up in a mess.

We recommend: If you like detective police themed games, buy it on sale when it is low in price!