Cat Quest

Genre: Rpg / Casual / Mobile Game
Developer: The Gentlebros
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The little Rpg game is said to have a Zelda touch. Sorry I can not agree on this crap. The game was originally programmed for mobile phone (sold for about 5 Euro) and is very hard to play on the computer because the controls and key bindings, which you can't change at all, suck on the Pc. To say that very clearly Zelda was a treasure compared to this game. The Cat Quest game has charm and a cute graphic. The dialogues are partly funny and sweet, but a lot is just like too much sugar cover on a donut for my taste. It is a girly game, a bit cheesy, a bit kitschy, a bit ridiculous and a bit cute as a button. But the cats and dragons in this game look all quite the same. Thanks to the obsession with cats and dragons the game got a lot of good reviews on steam.

As long as you don't get equipment in all those caves with chests, you are going to have a rather hard time to fight mobs of your own level. Actually you'll need to do side quests and just fight some monsters to level up and get a chance to not die a lot. Either you really dodge every AOE to not die or you'll find yourself in the next village back to life. The dodge mechanic doesn't work very well. Within a day you can easily play this game through, maybe you'll be busy two days, but not really any longer. There is not much motivation to repeat the game, no different difficulty offered.

Searching for any level system, to choose any abilities and level them, not existing. Looking for a good level system might also disappoint you, because the design is rather simplistic, for example they got some abyss in the dungeons that you can walk over in the air, never knowing where and why. The game isn't even an early access, but still poorly ported from mobile phone to computer to suck more money out of it. For a phone game it is pretty cool, I would play it at waiting rooms while going to offices or doctors on the phone. 5 Euro seems to be ok for that. But we are talking here about the Pc version, and on Pc it is not worth the money, normal price is 13 Euro, or even the sale price of 7 Euro is too high.

For quests you'll have an arrow or just a line on the floor leading to the place you need to go. The monsters drop sometimes money and the quests give you money too. Very soon you'll see that your skilling depends totally on this money, so you better don't gamble at the armor shop with the money, because the chests there give you any random item, which might mean you'll get with level 40 an useless level 1 sword, but the dungeon chests don't really work any different. The worst is that you can not sell any item, they just clutter up your inventory. If you find an item a second time it upgrades the one you had already, but there is no other way to upgrade things.

The graphic is a heart-warming cute comic graphic. I would classify the music as average. The game gets boring after you managed to get the golden key to open up the chests, that you could not open before. They contain all the epic gear you were looking for? Nope! But you might find some really overpowered items that can make combat too easy. The game also gets just too repetitive and shallow after short time. The story ends abruptly and feels strange. Magic is complicated. Each time you want to cast a spell you need to right click to open a big menu window that covers your screen and choose there your spell, which isn't comfortable for fast reactions while fighting. A huge part of the equipment got minus stats, which makes the items useless and unnecessary. Don't get me wrong, I am not collecting all the negatives only, for a kid this simple game is for sure fun, but as an adult Zelda lover I got to pass it on. Considering the price of this game I can not really recommend it, because it is overpriced. They ported it from phone and raised the price without adding any content and without improving the controls. Also you get games on steam for less that you can play far longer.

We recommend: If you like simple designed mobile games, you could buy it on sale, otherwise my advice would be save your money!