Genre: Survival / Hobo Simulation / Point & Click
Developer: Delve Interactive
Gamemode: Singleplayer

Loose everything, your job, your apartment and live on the street till you can afford a new life. In this game you are put in a randomly generated street and need to beg for money or dive dumpsters to earn perks and survive. You can steal at shops, get caught or be lucky, run into police while begging, get banned to new areas or arrested. We need to mention that the game is not anymore in early access and for that reason you can't expect any improvement anymore. Perks can help you begging or gaining faster education for your job application. If you want to rent an apartment you'll need to have a job and money. While you are on the street you'll need to find a way to survive meanwhile. The game is touching, but to me it is also almost impossible to play it through. Each time I try, I fail and I tryed already very often.

For the night you need to be on time in any shelter to sleep, otherwise you will need to sleep on a bench or worse on the street. You might get robbed or beaten up if you are unlucky or people might leave a few cents while you are sleeping. If you are lucky you can make friends with a dog, but you will need to feed him then too. The streets do have shops, banks, subways, police offices, public toilets, job and recycling centers, bars, clinics, libraries, real estate offices and shelters. The shops do offer different helpful items. You can steal or buy any. If you get caught steeling you can't enter any shop anymore for that day. Also you will go to jail if you get caught begging 3 times. You can go to the subway or park to beg. Passing vehicles can offer you a bad paid work that you can accept or not if you click on a sign near the road. You can go by bus to other locations or cities if you got a ticket, but the cities will unfortunately look similar, the placement and order of the buildings change, but everything else is repetitive. On your way you might find randomly coffee vending machines for increased walk speed, clothing and fast food booths.

You need to keep an eye on your happiness. It will go down if you don't keep your hunger low and if people reject you too often at begging. This happens too fast and you'll loose the game most of the times by that. A way to get it back up is chocolate or apples or beer, that you can buy at shops. Otherwise you could get also drunk in a bar or get addicted to smoking. Staying in a shelter or buying a pillow can also help to get your happiness back. Shelters will also fill a part of your hunger and can give you sometimes extra help by charity events, free study lessons, clothes or extra food. At the park you can now find new locations and try to make friends with other homeless people if your reputation is high enough.

The game has still a lack of content. Restaurants and bars should have a backyard and bigger trash containers to find more food. The time runs so fast that you get stressed out a lot especially to reach any shelter in time or get to work. The game is by this no relaxing experience, but in real life living on the street is usually pretty boring and you won't be hurrying from place to place like crazy. It is also hard to get a job if the only hostel is far away and no bus station or toilet nearby. You can't apply dirty for work and should probably also not go to work dirty. But the job centre or any bus station is most of the time too far away to reach there in time, so that you'll either not even get a job or get fired.

The graphic isn't anything to write home about, it is most of the time dark, wet, blurry and not really attractive. Although the depressive situation gets shown by this it might not be needed to paint all that uninviting. The random music is nice but they should add some nicer music for the guitar playing action, they got some sound for it, but no songs. Also it would be nice to have some more sleeping possibilities, because empty construction sides, metro stations and other places under bridges could be added as sleeping places. Of course with different events during the night and different protection. I could imagine some NPC's with quests to find a lost wallet or cat, to fetch some milk or get any informations might add more gameplay too. These are just some examples, how it could have gotten improved. The game is so short that you could play it through within short time even if you fail in the beginning often and restart the game several times. There is a strong suspicion that the developer kept the game hard because you'd play too fast though otherwise. After it is out of early access I don't really get why it has so many positive reviews. Maybe people really don't care how long they can play a game, but I expect more gameplay for the money I did spend. I am rather disappointed and not everyone has got that much patience to replay a game so often, because it is too hard to succeed.

We recommend: If you like point and click games, you could buy it, but preferably on sale!