Cities Skylines

Genre: City-Builder / Strategy / City Simulation
Developer: Colossal Order Ltd.
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This awesome City-building simulation got some nice add-ons meanwhile, they are called Snowfall, After dark and Match day. Match day is for free. The game includes the ability to mod it. It's all about building and maintaining a city. You need to provide your people with power, water, jobs, recreation, shopping possibilities and entertainment to keep them happy in your city. Aside from that you got to keep the economy up to not be broke soon. The game is everything the gamer community expected to find and did not get in Sim City. While in Sim City the statistics, the map size, the traffic and their online servers failed Cities Skylines succeeded to town planing and offers their game also in offline mode.

Trains, harbors and airports reduce the traffic on the streets and the green technology like a solar power plant will reduce emissions and unburden the environment. Local bus system and subway can be very easily placed and also helps to get less traffic. You can spend hours on strategies how to connect the next region or neighbourhood. Residential areas will need a police department, fire station, doctors offices and schools to satisfy your people. If you want them to relax add a park nearby. The people will ask for enough commercial zones and industrial ones to be able to find a job and go shopping. While the last Sim City was a uniquely disaster Cities Skylines has a chic graphic, performs without any problems, has a lot of nice features and also big enough maps. When you filled your start map you can start expanding.

There are no tutorial missions, but the game is self explaining enough to work without. It is obvious that people that live in your city can die and that you will need a cemetery for them. A certain number of deaths will result into the need to get a crematory. Of course your people will start complaining if the garbage doesn't get picked up or if there is no hospital at all. You can create single urban areas, down town, uptown, industrial regions and petitions that regulate the usage of resources, taxes, support, better services, eco friendliness, trucks traffic in the districts.

The challenge grows with the expansion of the city, because it gets harder to keep the balance. You will need to think about effectivity and optimization. Public buildings like for example schools, police and cemeteries can be moved on the map for a little fee, one of the features that makes the game very flexible. The people in your city will not just change their workplace each day or drive back home to any other house. The families got children and names and a person will only sometimes accidentally jump to the wrong house and then you'll get a message that that person got confused. Usually everything is perfect simulated and runs smoothly. You got even some funny possibilities to fail as mayor and the game will still forgive you if you fix it fast enough. Some people complain that this game would be too easy, I would rather say I miss some aspects, like building a tourism or entertainment area.

There is no undo button in this game so you will have to bulldoze all you want to remove. You will get your money back and can then replace it. The game requests a lot of creativity to plan everything perfect. The graphics are very detailed and nice. You can place sightseeing objects to attract tourists, build rurally areas or modern districts. You can also use a map editor and shape your own map. After the big disappointment with the last Sim City game and the boring Cities XXL game the gamers were amazed by this city simulator and its comfortable user interface.

Our recommendation: If you love city-building games you should definitely get this one!