Conan Exiles

Genre: Survival / MMO / Open World
Developer: Funcom
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This game can be played as PVP or PVE game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. The exile you’ll play got banned from his home and left in a desert area with a few ancient ruins and a lot of dangers like massive crocodiles, spiders and other animals. You can create a clan and choose a religion to summon deadly monsters. The NPC’s can be killed or caught and enslaved. The sandbox open world game gives you a wasteland map with cliffs, mountains, oasis, city and caves to explore. The map size isn’t very huge and if you aren’t into base building you will be done very fast. Otherwise you’ll enjoy leveling up, learning crafting recipes and decorating your house. The developers promised to add more regions, magic and siege weapons, but also do regularly server wipes on the official servers and unfortunately they just release DLCs you need to pay for most new content.

If you don’t want to struggle with hunger, thirst and crazy invading players you should use your own dedicated server. The Coop mode is unpleasant, because you can not explore independent from each others or even farm more then 100 steps away from each others without getting pulled back to the admin. The developers did that on intention, because they did not want the game to load too much of the world at the same time. It might also happen that you can’t log back in at all after leaving the session. The PVP mode seems to give everyone the possibility to mess with your base and stuff.

Similar to ARK the game asks for a good computer and will not run well on any low budget system. The graphics are very nice as far as you can say this about a deserted area. There is plenty of content you could invite controversy about, like the nudity and cannibalism. The performance seems to be improved meanwhile, but at release it was on public servers unacceptable. Also mod support got added meanwhile. The early access title is still a diamond in the rough, animations might freeze sometimes, some might also look still a bit clunky especially when you fall over and look through your own body, meat spoils far too fast, but that mechanic can be adapted in the server settings of private servers.

Conan Exile is an open world survival based game that got a lot of potential and where you must build to survive the harsh conditions of the environment. The character creation gives you a lot of customization options. You can actually adjust it if you want to see no nudity, partial nudity or full nudity which is actually considerate. The music and sounds are well chosen and nice. There is also voice chat in game. Gameplay and interface are simple and easy.

We do only recommend to buy this game if you can set up your own server and enjoy building, or if you enjoy PVP on a public server.