Craft the World

Genre: Sandbox / Crafting / Survival
Developer: Dekovir Entertainment
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This cute and likable dwarfen game is all about crafting and building. You start out with a single dwarf in single-player and start collecting resources. You can choose in the beginning from 4 types of maps, underground, forest, desert or ice region. Also you can set the difficulty to very easy up to nightmare. We should mention that there is also a creative mode with the option to set resources to endless. The dwarfs multiply when you level up, each time you'll get one new one joining you. Each night a small wave of zombies and skeletons are going to try to attack you. As soon as daylight comes they will burn in the sun to ashes.

The world is compared to Terraria very small but the graphics are very nice and you'll have just enough space for a nice big castle or fortress if you are successful protecting your place. The enemies that can show up can vary by some portals that will open in some big nights and those will also grow stronger and spit out more creatures over time. Also you might get attacked under ground while mining because there are several different dangers down there. Your dwarfs can recover by sleeping but without a bed in a house it will just take forever.

Make sure to place enough ladders because your dwarfs can fall to their death in the worst case. Under the ground you'll also find some single dungeonrooms with stronger bosses and chests full of precious items. If you kill a boss and dig enough you'll collect some golden coins, which you can use at a little shop nearby your place to buy things you need more urgent, because the tech-tree will open up slowly by scrolls that drop to you and if you are unlucky something like a forge that you'd really need to develop your skills and go on crafting will just not drop for a long time.

In the later game you'll probably want to tame some sheep and chicken because the food supply is fundamental for survival. Fortunately the trees drop apples and there are also berry bushes, but your dwarfs will start soon nagging if you offer them the same food all the time. You'll need to learn some cooking and recipes can be also found by looking them up in the net and just putting ingredients into your crafting menu. Also there is a repeat possibility after crafting something one time, by just clicking on the crafting button the ingredients will automatically show up again in your crafting window. Things you once crafted and don't need any more can be also salvaged in a little slot next to that button.

With the number of dwarfs the game starts to have minimal performance issues but it really doesn't cause trouble in this game. You might want to early put up protection walls to keep the enemies away while you are busy building. In the later game that will fail more and more and you'll see fast that the enemy is smart enough to still come to you and run you over. Prepare well enough to survive. Also it is harder to survive in a multi-player if you play there alone. Other than that the game seems to be well balanced and has a nice concept.

We recommend: If you like building games, buy it!