Genre: Crafting / Sandbox / Open World
Developer: POCKET PAIR.Inc
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Coop

In Craftopia you start out at a low level beginners island. Your first steps include collecting some resources and crafting basic items as well as getting some food. The game has a small survival aspect to it, but except to collecting food there is not much survival, so don't expect it to be a harsh challenge. You might enjoy the farming aspect by planting different seeds and cooking though. With a little luck the seeds can be mostly bought at traders that randomly change their offers. Some resource farming can be later on done by machines you can build. Others got stats and are found at different places. The game is mostly about discovering more new areas, going through small dungeons and fighting some boss inside and of course about crafting more and more useful items.

The world is colorful and seems to be randomly generated. There are different biomes and sometimes also different animals on the islands. It is also possible to capture them. Most of the time when you open up a new island on your map by collecting some resources and interacting with your teleportation gate you will not find a big difference, but sometimes you'll get some completely new surrounding and also a different level of enemies and loot. Mobs drop usually crafting resources. Only the bosses might give you weapons. Those are usually rather found in chests cluttered all over every place.

You don't need to protect your house if you build it in a peaceful area. You can level and learn new skills while you are playing and till now the game does not have any quests. There is though the possibility to collect some knowledge plates that can give you an expanded health or stamina or mana bar. You can fight with magic or melee or distance weapons. There are some powerful enemies like dragons that you shouldn't underestimate after being able to handle most others easily.

The game is for an early access not really cheap and you might want to wait for it to go on sale, because it will get a bit boring after a few hours of gameplay. It is far more fun to play it together with a friend. Some items do not work very well yet, like captive ballons or cars that do exist but you can only drive them alone and the steering is not so fun. The mobs are not challenging and the game seems not to know yet which direction to go. The world still feels quite empty. You can use a glider to fly but you'll constantly run out of stamina doing so.

The graphic is beautiful shiny and in comic style. The music is nice but gets a bit repetitive after a while. Some bugs will occur, especially if you don't run the server yourself, you might not see the chopped down trees or stones, they just respawn for you although they are gone. Enemies might bug into walls and keep by this their loot. It is sad that the weapons you'll find will break after short time and loose durability after repairing, because once you found a very good weapon or tool you'll long to keep it. Things like that are a bit annoying, though you'll get fast used to that. For a game that is still not even close to be finished it is definitely too expensive. It is nevertheless fun to play in coop. They still need to make it easier to join by IP, because till now you need to open up certain TCP and UDP ports to do so, but there are already recommendations in the steam discussions and even guides how to create a coop server. So if you ever created your own server you should have no big trouble.

We recommend: If you like crafting games with a fantasy touch, buy it on sale!