Genre: Survival / Building / Sandbox
Developer: Playful Corporation
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

The Minecraft Clone is nice but does count on pay to win and is free to play for the start. You can go exploring, gather all kinds of materials, you'll also need to craft tools to do so, you can cultivate seeds you find and cook food, build whatever you'd like to build. You can fight enemies that will also attack you, especially in the night the creatures get very aggressive. If you are smart you build fast a shelter before the night comes to protect yourself from hostile creatures.

In order to get new crafting recipes you need to collect resources and find the papers and books for them at chests. Refine the collected resources in your crafting station and get by this different materials. As soon as you can build a forge you can also melt materials and use those for crafting. Your gauntlet will allow you to mine stone and advanced ones will allow you to get ore too, which will unlock all kinds of recipes. Collect vines, flowers, moss, beeswax. Craft extractors to place them on coal and other ores to collect them and don't miss out to empty them while they are working or they will be gone with your resources in the end.

You will have an Touchstone in your inventory when you spawn in the world, and as soon as you claimed land you should drop this touchstone as a teleporter home. While you get attacked you can't teleport though, keep that in mind and most of the time you'll be able to outrun the enemy. If you get killed you'll drop an urn that got a beam and shows as a death skull on your radar compass that is on top of your screen. You can go then back to that urn and get all your inventory back. Stuff at your quick slots will stay even when dying.

I honestly believe that Minecraft with its Life in the Woods mod is far nicer, because it is just less boring than this game by the variety the Life in the Woods mod offers. But there are enough differences in this game, because it is more futuristic and probably you can not compare everything to Minecraft, still those games do have a lot in common.

The graphic is just blocks. The character customization is extremely limited, there are not really a lot of different biomes. The developers kinda try to force you into the item shop and pay by not even giving you a possibility to craft any hand-held torch, but offering you an exclusive flashlight in their shop only. I did not try the public servers, but I did read complains about the frame rates and a bad performance. There are plenty of servers, but most do only have very few players, because people only play with their friends it seems.

We recommend: If you like sandbox building games for free, you can get this game, it might be fun for a short time!