Crossroads Inn

Genre: Strategy / Simulation / RPG
Developer: Kraken Unleashed
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This game is a jewel for everyone who loves to manage and build. The campaign offers a nice story with humorous comments and interesting outcome. For the reason that we don‘t want to spoiler we‘ll not describe more about the story, but give you only a rough idea. You will have to fulfill certain tasks to go on in the story and while you do this you‘ll build up your business too. Your tavern needs to be supplied and you‘ll have to order food and dishes, beer and wine to satisfy your customers.

Gossip will help you lower the price for the supplies, uncover traits at employees you‘ll hire and gain influence to open up trading routes on the map. For that reason you need to hire servants that also talk to the customers. While you fulfill your tasks you‘ll earn experience points and if you go to your glossary book you can use those to learn new skills and get new crafting items or get more land, or gain better employees, additional levels for your inn or just more money for your services, to name just a few.

A guest room with a few beds will serve as an additional income and private rooms will be needed for your story too. While you expand your influence on the map you‘ll be able to send out employees to acquire cooking recipes or useful equipment and decorations for your inn. Advertising by some town cryer that you will pay will raise your influence in a town and if you open the trading route you‘ll see recipes and items that were hidden before.

The game has still some bugs, but most of the time a simple reload of the game can fix them. So saving and reloading works in about 90% of the cases. Sometimes you‘ll cause the problems yourself if you forget building a door to the second level of your inn for example and wonder why so many of you employees get stuck at the staircase and stop working. You‘ll find it out soon enough. That is one of those cases where a reload won‘t help. Other typical fails will be caused by not talking to any NPC during story and wondering why the story does not go on. Such things are rather player dumbness than bad gameplay. However some stuff might be a bit tricky or difficult at times, which is caused by the complexity of the game, but you‘ll still find this game very enjoyable and fun.

The graphics are nice and have a medieval touch. The music is relaxing and fits also the medieval theme. The management asks you to watch prices, decide when to use some gossip scrolls to lower prices or uncover traits and tell your people what to do. Of course you can also just stick to the pre settings there, the game is forgiving enough to not immediately ruin you then, but it gets easier to earn money if you are managing smart enough. The answers you need to give while doing story can seem random chosen and it might be smart to save the game before you choose one, means when the NPC with an exclamation mark above his head arrives. This gives you the possibility to choose again. Sometimes that choice is smarter, because giving the right answer buys you often a lot of time or sympathy, you‘ll need. Some gameplay mechanics, like for example to not be able to remove rooms under other ones, got their logic, but aren't very player friendly. However the game is very fun and quite addictive.

We recommend: Buy it if you love management simulations, this one is special by its RPG influences.