Genre: Survival / Basebuilding / Crafting
Developer: AtomicTorch Studio
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This lovely little survival game has on steam very positiv reviews, because it got a huge crafting menu and skilltree to learn and use. The map has more than 6 biomes and lots of enemies, but also areas to discover. To be more specific this is meant to be a colony builder in multiplayer. The game offers multiplayer or coop, PVP or PVE. You can trade with other people, build your own base and farm, set up shops and develop a lot of futuristic technologies. Your character has several stats, such as falling damage reduction, kinetic protection, protection from explosions, heat, cold, chemicals and radiation, as well as PSI protection, depending on which armor you are wearing.

The game reminds a bit on don't starve together, but the graphic is far nicer and the gameplay is also far more complex. You can build later on robots and vehicles and got a lot of specialization possibilities, also in fighting. You can join a group or play alone, but you'll have to join a public, community or modded server (settings changed by the server owners), all of them are multiplay. To say it clear there is no singleplayer for this game and although the developers said they might bring in a singleplayer later on too, you should probably not count on it. The game can be played peaceful in PVE, but there is always a decay on official servers. The developers did set the basic one on 2 weeks till your base disappears, but sadly your crops are already rotten if you can't play for a few hours.

You will have to collect water and food to survive or plant crops. The rotten food can be used for fertilizer and it spoils within very few hours. The downside of the game is a lot of grind, so if you aren't up for that the game is not for you. You can outrun the enemies or fight them, but they do damage you quite a bit in the beginning. If you die on a PVE server your inventory will not be gone. To develop anything you will need to do quests that pop up to your right upper side of the screen. Those give you LP, which aren't lifepoints and it gets of course harder to get them the higher in rank you get. There are five ranks of technologies.

You can also improve your own abilities and level health, wood chopping, prospection (digging and metal processing), building and survival and food finding. You got a quest book in the games menu where you can read up on your quests more detailed. Also there is a server members list and a map, that you need to uncover. While you go offline to sleep, work and eat the game will still run, because it is on a multiplay server. Even the PVE servers get wiped from time to time, which means you loose your progress too, but you might have a possibility to avoid the decay and spoiling timer on a modded server and you would need to read up on it if you can run a private server too if you prefer to have that.

The code of this game is open source. The graphic is a very nice pixelart style and the developers do improve the game slowly, but constantly it seems. The game is still early access and runs on Windows and Linux. The gameplay is simple. Resources can be easily collected with tools that are immediately available to you. This is one of the few survival games that offers you to choose also a female avatar as soon as you are ingame and it is definitely more fun to play this game with friends. I do personally believe though that this game is rather meant and created for playing PVP.

We recommend: If you like pixelart survival games, you can buy it, but be aware that it will ask you to play pretty much every day!