Dark and Light

Genre: Survival / MMO / Sandbox
Developer: Snail Games USA
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This fantasy sandbox game is a remake of the game from 2006 and gets a lot compared to the game ARK although it is more a RPG game than a pure survival. They were both programmed with the same game engine and got even similar cheat codes. Indeed the developer of ARK is involved into the development of this game but they are not the company that is responsible, that is Snail Games USA. The game starts out with the character customization, which is pretty detailed. Then you'll spawn at one of 3 areas gets determind by the race you choose same time. You'll spawn in a town and can do some tutorial quests.

The world is inhabited by dwarfs, elves and humans, but you will also find centaur settlements and other locations. You will need to take care of basic needs like food and water but additional you got to fill up your focus that gets drained by using magic and leveling your skills up. Your problem will be that you need to sleep to recover the focus but can't craft any bedroll till you are level 10. Meanwhile you'll need to eat some red flowers or die to get it restored. Of course you can also fight melee or ranged by a bow, but I could not get rid of the impression that the staff is the most powerful weapon in this game.

There are also some animals to hunt. Easiest to kill are some sheeps and bunnies. Their meat can be cooked in a fireplace. Lots of other animals and creatures are also in the world, of course also magical ones like goblins, unicorns and dragons and the developers will probably add more of them. Asides that you can buy horses at a stable in town with gold coins that drop from barrels or can be earned by selling resources to trader npc's. After a while the game gets pretty grindy because you will level your skills a lot up by farming resources, which makes it after a short while pretty boring. But similar to ARK you can use your tamed animals also for faster farming.

There is a regularly maintenance and they try to keep those as short as possible. We need to mention that the public servers do lag so terrible, that the game is almost unplayable there. At least it is very annoying. There is still few information about the content of this game but just enough to be able to get to know everything important. Also they seem to read the forums and are quite busy to fix all bugs. You can play on official PVP or PVE servers, on your singleplayer or on a private dedicated server. There are 10 dungeons in the first region of the game. In PVP the 3 races factions are enemies.

The graphic is as beautiful as the orchestral music they added. The game eats as much Pc resources as ARK Survival Evolved, means you definitely need a very good computer and graphics card. The building system reminds of ARK and Conan Exile. The game is only at about 30% of its development, so if you can't live with that you should not buy it yet and realize that it will get more expensive later on, but also more polished. Your character can not change server and it's planed to make the map far bigger. The performance needs still optimization, but it doesn't deserve the reviews the game did get after it was released into early access. The bad reviews were almost all written by people that did not even play a few hours, but immediately refunded the game at steam, they can not even know the game yet and we believe they were deterred by the lag and login problems at the release day. Also it seems that buying and refunding new games gets a new sport on steam and is used to play a bit for free. You can't take those review serious, because they are superficial and they got almost no informations.

We recommend: If you like RPG MMO games and don't mind the Early Access status buy it, especially if you are able to play on your own server!