Dead in Bermuda

Genre: Survival / Strategy / Simulation
Developer: CCCP
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This is a very simple designed RPG survival game that doesn't even let you choose any answers while talking. It just changes pictures while you play it. The only thing you can choose is which person has to take over which task. There is a little tutorial guiding you at first. In the beginning you can loot the plane wrack with one person. By the dead ones in the plane he gets depressed and the result of his search goes down by this. Two other people can do research at a bookshelf. And two more people can craft something as soon as you researched anything.

There isn't any possibility to get food as long as you did not find a nail for a fishing rod. Only thing you can collect is fruit as soon as you did develop a harvest basket, but that does not really feed your people, it gives you rather something to drink. Till you produced any of it your people might already starve to dead. The other things you can collect are wood, stone, medicine plants and ropes. The problem is that you'll run out of loot from the plane after a few days. Latest then your people start starving. You can explore the island while you do your research and crafting. Sometimes you'll find useful things by this, but if your character isn't smart enough at looting he'll fail and get hurt by any monster attack.

While your people struggle with tiredness, depressions and hunger you can see them discussing every night at the fireplace and they can start arguing and annoying each others a lot. By this their mood goes additionally down and they get even more depressed. The efficiency of every action your characters does depends on their abilities. You'll be able to improve those abilities at each level-up. The dialogues and events are random and the amount of supplies you'll find seems to be also randomly generated and not only depending on abilities.

The hard and unpredictable game play mechanics do take fast the motivation to go on playing, because you can not really control the success by any strategy. The countless challenges result also from the relations and interactions between the characters you try to lead to their survival. You need to be resistant against frustrations to still go on trying although the game will let you fail repeatedly. Then it is also a shame that there are plenty of writing mistakes in this text based game. It shows how few love was put into it.

The graphic isn't exciting, the interactions are quite reduced to a minimum, the dialogs are not influenceable. The game looks and works like a browsergame and is also not really lasting very long it seems, except you retry very often after failing. We don't really know if we should recommand this game at all, because we don't have the impression that it would be very player friendly and we believe that the difficulty is not balanced well enough, while there was also no further development. The problem is, that they did not even manage to put some menu in to choose a difficulty, you need to go searching in the options to find and activate it after you are already in the game. In the easy mode the game is then finally playable.

We recommend: If you like this kind of games, buy it only extremly cheap and be prepared to fail a lot and maybe never end it or if you choose easy difficulty to not have any challenge at all anymore!