Genre: Simulation / Wild West / Citybuilder
Developer: Evil Bite
Gamemode: Singleplayer

You always waited for a successor of the Anno series? One that does not ask you to pay a fortune? Your dreams came true. This game is definitive worth to be bought. As the little brother of Anno in a Wild West setting the game reminds also on Banished, but has far more gameplay mechanics like the classic Anno. Depraved manages to captivate the player and keep him busy to the end. The name of the game could be best described by morally corrupt, a reflection of the society at that time.

In the beginning you'll be able to choose if you'd like to disable aggressive animals or bandits. The brilliant city builder starts out with a pioneer wagon in order to establish a city. Build a lumberjack, a sawmill, a farm and many more buildings to get resources. Provide shacks for your pioneers and give them enough food by hunters and animal farms. Don't forget a tailor and a saloon to satisfy all needs. The complex game gives you even the possibility to move working areas around, which is extremely useful if you chopped down all trees at a certain area or did run out of prey for your hunter. You can also expand your influence by buying more land at your city hall.

The game has changing weather and seasons. Little details like the outhouse to keep up the hygiene of your citizens or the well to supply water for animals and brewing and to put out fires, leaves on your roofs in autumn, people gathering around a fireplace if they got no houses give the game a beautiful atmosphere although the buildings are rather rustic. Most of the graphics come close to the original Wild West feeling, although there are bandits instead of Indians. Those give you enough trouble by blackmailing and attacking your village. Good that there are some gunslingers you can hire for protection.

The choice of your location is important for the available resources. You might want to start at a green area with trees and stones and maybe also close to some iron and coal. Protect your little town from wolves and bears and watch your citizens at work. You can zoom in to look up what they are doing. Hunt boars, deer, foxes, bison and rabbits. The map is full of them. Later on you can build a pig or cattle farm, but to unlock those buildings you need more villagers. The maintenance of service buildings like the sheriff or doctor coasts money, but the houses give you this money.

There is no tutorial how to get settlers, but everyone who played Anno will immediately know how it works. Give your villagers all the supplies they need and they will reward you with an arrow above their shack to show you that you may upgrade their houses now, which means the settlers will pay now more taxes. Of course the stone mansion will need a quarry nearby and the hunter animals to hunt, so make sure you place them close to what they need. The game has a not too complex system of economic connected buildings. Transport routes to other places and more new towns can be added on the map by more pioneer wagons you can buy and send out. The amount of houses you need to unlock certain buildings might be a bit tough and the speed up button is probably still a bit too slow, tunnels for the trains are still missing in hills, but such small problems can be fixed during the early access stage. The graphics might not be as perfect and brilliant as those from the Anno game, but the game is still coming close to its concept. We would consider the game to be almost bug free and absolutely recommend buying it.

We recommend: If you like city builder games, buy it!