Don't Sink

Genre: Casual / Pirates / Tiny RPG
Developer: Sebastian Nigro, Christopher Anselmo, Daniel Marques
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplay / Coop

The developers of this game did not even take the time to create a name for their brand or company. The cute little game is a relaxing shallow side scrolling pixel game and the graphics do look really beautiful. It has too few story to call it an adventure, but it is like a tiny RPG. They should add more story and also some more different islands or buildings to explore and find new stuff. After 4 hours I feel a lack of a long time goal. Overall the game feels more like a mobile game with very little interactivity mechanics. There are no dialogue choices. There are no crafting options or possibilities to decorate your own island. You can not customize your ship. The concept of the game seems nice but just not enough. I call it shallow, because you can just click buttons and turn your mind completely off.

You start out with a small boat and get the task to conquer your own little island and make it your base. To earn the money to do so you can fight ships and pick up delivery jobs at the general stores of the islands. Those offer you storage room, supplies like food, medicine and ship goods and you can also sell those. You will usually find a tavern at each island as well. You can hire there crew members or recruit citizens for your own island. And don't forget to also feed your crew in those taverns.

The islands look all alike, they are only coloured different and some of them have less buildings. On some islands you can find a ship yard to buy a bigger ship or repair yours. But you can also repair it on the fly on the ocean if you got the materials. You'll meet enemies if you sail longer ways. If you want to avoid them it might help to do some island hopping to the closest islands in the beginning. If you fight you need to use the w,a,s,d keys and then press enter. There is not really a good tutorial for this, but once you know those basics it is easy. If you enter a ship you can fight in person and you'll gain crew members. If you just destroy a ship you'll get items and money.

The graphic is colorful, the music is a pirate themed melody. On the islands you'll find sometimes a quest and if you press x you can look them up and activate any. Then it will show in the right upper corner what you'd need to do. There are also a few events while sailing and I don't want to spoiler which ones, but there are not really enough different ones and you can't avoid any of them. They just repeatedly pop up from time to time with some consequences for you. We had the impression that the developers need to add still a lot of content to make this game more satisfying. It is a nice start, but 4 hours of gameplay is far too short although you can replay it at different difficulty modes. The game is out of early access, but doesn't feel finished at all. Worst is that it also tends to bug out if you buy out any general store or if you have any other activity running on your computer. For example messages from any friend did let the game stop working for me.

We recommend: If you like pirate mini games, buy it only on sale or just don't buy it!