Don't Starve Together

Genre: Survival / Monsters / Open World
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

The survival horror game got hell hounds and weird shadow monsters that can attack you. Some other strange mad and cursed terrifying creatures have houses or are anywhere on the map and only attack you if you come too close. The quirky, bizarre paintings of this game are part of its art style and atmosphere, they look a bit like children's paintings. The game offers you to choose from thirteen different characters with very different abilities. There is a spider, a robot, a librarian and a mime, to name only a few with special talents.

In this coop and multiplay game you do not only need to worry about your own survival, you also need to worry about your friends. The game is in the beginning very hard and you won't be able to revive your friends at once. You will need to learn to craft items, build a base and protect yourself and that will be pretty challenging in the very beginning. There are random events, like a sudden heatwave, that burns down grass and the grass will then even be gone from your inventory, which makes the game even more difficult.

You will have to collect water and food to survive. As if that would not be enough desperation you also need to keep your sanity up. There are some animals to hunt and some berries you can eat, but you could also get poisoned by a mushroom. Basically you need to avoid the darkness to not be killed very fast. But there are also creepy threatening creatures during the daytime and you need to be very careful not to run into them. You can fight them and if you always watch that your hunger bar is filled you'll heal up, but extremely slow. Seeds can be planted with crop plots, but you will need poop from buffalos to build those. Once you grow food the survival might get easier, because it is just very time consuming if the only region with some food is very far away.

There are mods for this game as well. Every character got a different playing style, by this the game gets replayable. The food drain is a pain in the butt and especially in multiplayer you can have trouble to feed everyone. Sometimes dropping a fireplace just won't work in time, because the game does obstruct it and doesn't let you put it down. Such details can be annoying. There is no tutorial at all and you need to find out yourself that you'll need to build machines to develop or discover crafting recipes. Such things might discourage people to go on playing after very short time, because it gets fast very frustrating.

The graphic isn't anything to write home about, but it's meant to look creepy. The soundtrack is carnivalesque. You will need a decent computer in order to run this game with minimal lag in multiplay, especially if you want to have caves in your own world. Also it is definitely more fun to play this game with friends. The world is pretty barren and the different biomes got different dangers and advantages. Don't starve together is the stand-alone multiplay expansion of Don't starve.

We recommend: If you like this style of horror games, buy it on sale, but prepare to have a hard time!