Genre: RPG / Adventure / Fantasy
Developer: Ville and Anne Mönkkönen
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This nostalgic retro RPG game starts out with the hero arriving at a village to meet his father, who wrote him a letter and asked him to show up to take care of a gem. The game has a top down view and reminds a bit of zelda, but the graphics are nicer. Something dramatic and dangerous happens in the town, when our hero arrives. He gets pushed into a well by his mother to protect him.

The game has a nice little story, which I won't spoiler too much now, but it is interesting enough to make you curious to find out what happened to the village and your parents. You start your adventure by exploring the village and fighting some enemies. By this you'll gain xp and find some loot. Equipment will improve your skills and food will heal you up, some items will give you mana and you can also find coins. The people are turned to stone in the village and you'll need to save your people from that curse.

To the left upper corner of your screen you'll notice that the current quest gets shown. Sometimes you'll need to open up any way on the map to progress, or to progress before any way gets opened. Sometimes they are small things that will offer you a quest to do so, so watch your surrounding closely and search everything. After solving quests and fights you'll level up and are able to use some experience points on skills and choose additional talents.

As soon as you leave the village you'll have a map to find places easier. Watch it that you don't get poisoned and craft some helpful potions if you can. Some fights can be challenging, because the combat is slow. Watch out for holes in the floor they could release some attacking animals. Find treasures and solve the quests of the main story. Monsters don't respawn and NPC's got all a unique personality.

The graphic isn't impressive, but it is quite nice for a top view and the game has also some pretty music. Overall the game is cute, has a charming and memorable story, nice dialogues and is unfortunately not very long. Within 8-10 hours you should have played it through.

We recommend: If you like RPG games, you can buy it on sale!