Dying Light

Genre: Action / Zombies / Open World
Developer: Techland
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

The zombie open world game has a story that leads you through all parts of a huge map. It combines jump and run parkour elements with fighting, shooting and accomplishing quests. You are trapped in an infected zone in a town and need to get out, but some people that rescue you after you jumped into their area by a parachute ask you for help to get a cure. You are special agent and were asked to get an important file. You get bitten and need now constantly a medicine that slows down the infection. As an infected you are yourself interested into the development of any cure. Your missions leads you to different people that survived this apocalyptic scenario.

You can level your character in different skills and improve your abilities by fighting, running, jumping and so on. The controls work perfect and the game play is easy enough to survive. Jumping down from high buildings gets easy by trash bags you can use as a fall cushion and air bag. At the beginning you got only melee weapons, but later on you can also get some guns. All weapons are without workbench repairable but only for a few times. Guns are an exception, they don't need to be fixed. The materials for those repairs are easy to get and the other loot you’ll find will give you ridiculous amounts of money if you sell them at a trader. You will never run out of that and also find enough free weapons and weapon upgrades. The traders will sell enough ammunition. Asides to the main missions you can do lots of side missions, lock pick cars, vans and chests for loot.

The game offers a variety of quests and tasks and stays exciting by this. Climbing, exploring and fighting will keep you busy and you can expand the game by an add-on that allows you to drive a buggy and go on outside that town on the countryside. The safe zones that you can conquer will give you shelter during the night when the worse mutants and shadow hunters will come out. You can either skip the night by your sleeping bag or go out to hunt or get hunted. If you kill the undead around such areas, activate the electricity and close the gate the safe zone will be yours. We’ll keep going and stay busy till we find out more about that cure and how everything started. The game manages to motivate you till you reach the end by telling an interesting story.

The coop mode allows up to 4 players to play together, you can exchange items by dropping them on the floor. The graphics are amazing although some of the locations look alike there is always something new to discover and enough different places. The light and shadow and weather effects are well done. The sounds do fit, but the synchronisation could be better. The start of the story seems a bit odd if we realize that we play a special agent, but he starts breathing heavy as soon as he runs a bit in the beginning. The world feels pretty natural and realistic and although some is quite repetitive you will have a lot of fun in a group. There is also the possibility to play as a zombie in the versus mode.

The game will challenge you with quests that you need to do by night, which is most dangerous, diving under water which can be deadly too if you aren’t fast enough, by climbing and finding a way back down, but it will also offer you a grabling hook to reach everywhere you need, it can also really scare you and force you to be incredibly fast for some timed missions. There are supply drops that you can run for before the other fraction takes them and there are a few survivors around on the balconies and in some apartments and those will have all their own little story or will just need your help.

We recommend: If you like zombie action games, buy it!