Genre: Survival / Meteorimpact / Open World
Developer: Strange Loop Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This ecological simulation game is the Hippie version of minecraft with no enemies, no exploration, no traders, but instead it puts pressure on you to not ruin the balance of the eco system and asks you same time to develop technology to save your little planet. A meteor is going to hit your planet after 30 days and you need to consider and weigh your options. You need a government and to decide together what you can do to build a laser to destroy this threat. The idea of the game seems nice but the practicability is rather unlikely. I would not recommend posting on their steam forum as well, because they got some over-sensitive moderator that deletes even friendly posts.

Watch your air and ground pollution. Find ways to be productive without damaging your environment. Improve your technology without developing a civilisation that uses up all your resources, which is going to get hard if you can not control everyone's behaviour on your server. Replant trees, by the way it takes forever till those grow at all (after days I can not even say if they grow at all), grow your own food, but you'll need fertilizer, unfortunately the developers posted the fertilizer would be bugged. Don't wipe out the animals, fishes or plants. To manage this you will have to work a lot on the balance. Trade what you produced, build roads to connect the locations. Increase your population and productivity by adding people to your own server.

Split up tasks to make sure that everyone can handle his jobs. Basically the game works like real life economy. You are free to choose how you will survive and which profession you'll choose, but the problems will still need solutions and you might also have to discuss if some people want to have the same profession. Other players can ruin your world, but of course you could also set up your own server to play with some friends in private. The question is do you have 10-20 friends that would also buy this game? It is difficult to keep the balance on your planet and without enough people it might get impossible to destroy the meteor within 30 days.

The next problem might be if everyone that helps on your server will be available and online when you got time to play. It is not easy to coordinate so many people more often for playing together. Your other option is to use a public server and have some trolls showing up and ruining your gameplay, if they wipe out a plant or animal species you are done. And the planet is this small, that one person can easily do that within a few hours. Even if you can ban them, they will give you enough trouble, that is at least my experience on other public servers. The crafting system of this game is highly complex and very hard to accomplish. You can craft vehicles, houses, windmills, scientific equipment, just to name a few, but if you want to learn one thing you will most of the time have to learn at first 5 other things. They should also still add a few more building items to this game, for example there are no pillars, so some building projects will just not look good or work at all.

If you are used to change server settings you can also play the game alone but the challenge is meant to be played by using multiplay. Alone on singleplayer it is pretty tedious grind work to collect all you need to develop your abilities. You can disable the meteor or set his impact to a later date or just raise the skillpoints you'll earn in the server settings file if you are capable to work on the game settings file, but it will still be pretty questionable if you can achieve to destroy the meteor alone. If you can't work on changing game settings I would not recommend the game because the game setting file is very complex too. Skillpoints are gained by the variety of food you'll consume, not by the development or crafting you do. Unfortunately the food consume is immense and after chopping two trees you are out of energy. The game trys to teach teamwork. I will not hide that there are still bugs and that the game is unfinished, and please keep in mind that multiplay probably won't really work either because most people won't have this amount of friends that would be needed and useful to join them. Also I am not sure how much lag multiplay has right now, especially on public servers.

We recommend: If you like crafting simulations, buy anything different if you don't have enough friends to join you, because probably the concept to play with strangers just doesn't really work out with people you don't know!