Endzone: A World Apart

Genre: Survival / Post-apocalyptic / Colony Builder
Developer: Gentlymad Studios
Gamemode: Singleplayer

After the game Surviving The Aftermath was released to the Epic store instead of Steam, most people did just buy Endzone instead, because a lot of Steam users weren't up to get pulled to other platforms by that stupid exclusive deal that Epic made with some developers to force people to use their shop. Of course some did still switch platforms for the reason that Epic gave them some free games, not realizing that pages that offer you free stuff usually either try to sell stuff to them too or just sell their data or hack your computer. In life nothing is really free and when you get older you'll start to get that. Hopefully those guys that still went to Epic will realize that one day too.

Both games are similar and post-apocalyptic. Survive The Aftermath was not bad, but I do think that Endzone was the nicer game, already because you don't want meteors and other catastrophes to destroy what you did just build up. Also at Endzone you won't be done after building your colony, you'll go out for exploring and salvaging more buildings and things you'll find and develop more technologies. While the graphics are slightly nicer at Surviving The Aftermath, Endzone is a bit more complex in my opinion. Both games got a tech-tree, collectors like foresters and hunters, crafting buildings, like a tailor, technologies like solar panels, generators to just name a few. Most people that played both games seem to like Endzone better.

You will have to collect water and food to survive. There are also some animals to hunt. You got to grow some food later on too. Surviving is hard and gets more challenging the bigger your village gets. The mechanics and game concept is great, but the balancing is still not so good. Some also doesn't work proper yet, builders might just go on building any other building if you gave another one priority, but things like that get constantly fixed by updates. If you aren't very patient with early access games, you might want to wait till final release. If you like a challenge and love to struggle a bit till you learned how to succeed this one is a game for you. You can sink quite some hours into this one.

There are sandstorms, radiation and drought that can kill your people. Be prepared to supply your colonists needs also in rather hard times with harsh weather conditions. Expeditions, scenarios and side missions will keep you busy too. Similar to Tropico you can influence with decrees which direction your settlement develops. Even trading with other settlements is possible by a trading post. Regular updates bring in new buildings and upgrades. Additionally I'd like to mention that the developers plant trees in Brazil and Africa with the money they earn by this game, to improve nature in real life.

The graphic is dominated by scrap houses cobbled and patched together by what people find in the surrounding. I would classify it as average and like sheds look like in poorer areas on earth in real life. Resources can be easily collected with or without tools. This is one of the few survival games that is about colony building. It never gets boring to go exploring and expand your village. It's a Banished in a post-apocalyptic setting with similar and different problems to overcome. There is a tutorial, a survival mode and a scenarios mode. Also you have plenty of settings that you can change when you start the game and multiple slightly different map seeds to play on.

We recommend: If you like challenging colony builder games, buy it!