Evil Genius

Genre: Strategy / Criminals / Base Building
Developer: Elixir Studios
Gamemode: Singleplayer

Get a criminal and take over and rule the world. Set up your base and create all kinds of rooms to train and satisfy your people. The game has some of the charme of the old James Bond movies. You need to get wellknown and not caught at your operations. Watch it that you don't cause too much anger, otherwise everyone will go after you. The game got a lot of micromanagement but while agents come all the time to your base and need to be kept out you'll send your people out to earn some money and reputation for your career. Cause some sabotage and earthquakes, steal some unique items to raise your prestige or to train your people better.

There is a lot to learn about how things work in this game, but you are guided by a video tutorial that explains everything to you. The humor and fun to the world domination is nice, but you can not really do anything as soon as you did give the command to attack or start any operation. Your people will be sent to one of the 20 regions in a board game view and get the order to do any mission there. You can only sit back and wait for the outcome without making further decisions. The game is still pretty entertaining.

It has a unique concept with different missions and threats all over the world map. For strategy fans and builders a perfect game. You need to watch closely over your base, because agents might sneak in and set all on fire or steal stuff you have stolen yourself before. Put some traps down at your base entrance to get rid of inconvenient visitors.

You can choose between 3 different evil geniuses and each of them has different abilities. You can play on easy or hard and challenge yourself. Sadly there are only 2 levels, but with all the research and development you need to do and the amount of missions you'll be quite busy for a long time. You will settle at a tropical island with your syndicate and can build also some distracting buildings nearby your base. Additional you'll have some gang leader henchman that will have special abilities and help keeping your business up.

The graphic and sound is well chosen and fits to the 70th style of the game. Gameplay and performance runs fine too. It maybe takes a bit too long to educate your people and it can be tedious to keep agents out of your base in the beginning, because your people do not really defend themselves in any effective way, but other than that we don't have any complains. It's kinda realistic how much chaos breaks loose as soon as the alarm goes off. Stay close to your people to motivate them and get famous, but keep yourself safe if your base gets invaded.

We recommend: If you like crime related games and love building, buy it!