Fallen Earth

Genre: Survival / Zombies / Open World
Developer: Reloaded Productions
Gamemode: MMO / Multiplayer / Coop

The post-apocalyptic fallout MMO had a lot of balancing issues in former times, it was released 2009 and 2 years later GamesFirst purchased it and made it free to play. So the game is already several years old and has been meanwhile pretty much abandoned by its developers. You log into a character creation screen and start with a tutorial. The graphic is still decent if you consider the time that game got released. The game shows how mankind would still try surviving all kinds of problems and circumstances even if the planet got partly destroyed and most of the nature is mutated or gone. You've got a huge wasteland map with demolished little towns and places of a natural disaster, spreading infection and nuclear conflict. You are a clone but your system got destroyed and you are sooner or later condemned to die.

Traders are doing their business with casino chips and they are also shown on the minimap with that symbol. Npc’s with quests are shown by a nuclear symbol. The game includes first-person and third-person views, a classless system, PVP combat, mounted combat, crafting, and a noise-based stealth system. The interface is really nice done and you will find everything fast as soon as you get used to it. 2008 the game did reach its content complete status. You can see that the developers did put a lot of work into the quests and stories. The scenarios are partly touching and amazing. Preferably you might want to go for raged weapons, because fighting melee gets tougher after you left the first starter area.

Leveling is slow and the skill system and menu is extensive. Crafting times are far too long, finding or crafting ammo is a pain. The combat system offers no visible dodging or blocking and you need to aim very well and may not be too close to the enemy to fight or loot him. The main way to travel is a horse but you can also find bikes or cars ingame. You will find mutant animals, scrap metall, nods, plants and stumps and a wide partly empty tundra. If you overcome the slow progression of your character and the difficulties to understand how things do work you can experience an interesting game with lots of different quests that will keep you busy.

The game lags if they did not do maintenance for some days and you will realize that by the “take all” button if you go collecting stuff, because you have to hit it up to 5 times till the items go to your inventory. Even worse is the crafting menu that might get stuck after crafting an item, you won’t be able to complete it and close the little window to start any new crafting till the servers get re-setted. Also mail will have trouble to show any sent items while you got such lag. One of the annoying things ingame are floors and doors that make you temporary stuck. Passing over or through them is possible by jumping from distance but it is hard to understand why they did not fix this within all those years.

You can not build a base in this game and also don't need to find food or water to survive. We do believe that GamesFirst does not take enough care of the servers and for that reason most players left. You will need to live with pretty empty servers. If you still find a nice clan to join, you'll get enough help and the game will be still very enjoyable. Be aware that you need to do all the quests in all regions to level your character up to level 35 or your faction quests will not be available to you in sector3. Also you'll have a pop-up from time to time with advertisement to buy a monthly account as long as you play for free.

We recommend: For a free game it is not that bad, give it a try, but don't expect too much, especially the lag can be horrible!