Fallout Shelter

Genre: Survival / Management /Simulation
Developer: Bathesda Game Studios
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This vault management game is for free, but also pay to win. Train your people by letting them work at their job and building a training room for bodybuilding and a classroom, get enough food for them by producing it in your diner, equip them with weapons and outfits from the wasteland by sending out expeditions and generate enough water and energy to keep the vault up.

When you did get more tenants by making babies and expanding your vault you are able to send some people out to collect items and crafting materials to be able to build more advanced technologies, such as a radio station to attract specialists to maintain your machines. By collecting bottle caps and experience you can build new rooms for storage and entertainment.

Be prepared for intruders and bugs that might show up, for accidents and illness. Make sure that your people do have enough good gear and equipment to fight and get an hospital room as soon as you can. The people in your vault will most of the time handle their problems alone and by this it won't be a problem to let the game run by itself. Unfortunately you can not see what is going on at your missions outside of your vault, you'll only get some text messages.

You need to know that you can not play this game for a long time at all. It is a lot of waiting coming up after a few minutes of playing and it will get worse. The game is like a mobile game, meant to be played for a few minutes only and then the game can be closed down for an hour or longer till anything happened and you can finally go on. You get your women pregnant then you'll have to wait for the babies and you don't really want to do this by starring on your screen. The people that do write about this game, that it would have the most amazing graphics do really need some new glasses and most of them did not even play more than 4-5 hours. The graphic is average cartoon related and super minimalistic by the few movements on the screen. If you send out any of your people for a mission it will take about 8 real life hours for them to come back, so prepare to turn the game on and off all the time and have long breaks from it.

The game is very time consuming and gets very repetitive after a while. They give you a possibility to speed up things by using a rush task button but the percentage of failure is higher than they do show. You can get the premium paid content for free so that is a plus, but it makes the game also extremely grindy. The satisfaction to play the game seems to be just too low to play it more than a few hours because there is a lack of long time motivation. The game is good for filling time in between other things you need to do.

As far as I saw you don't get that message at steam, but if you downloaded that game anywhere else you were asked to agree on giving your data away for any untrustworthy use. A very bad way to get user data to offer a game for free and count on the laziness of the users not to read the terms of service. If you aim to get all the achievements you'll probably never get all of them without paying an insane amount of money into the game. Also I need to give you a fair warning in the end of my review about the risk to loose stuff, the complete vault and not even get your paid content from the itemshop. Seems that a lot of people got sent forth and back from Steam to Bathesda and back without any refund or help.

We recommend: If you like diverting mobile games for your coffee break you can get this game, but read the termes of service!