Genre: Story / Adventure / Investigation
Developer: Campo Santo
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The game is about someone that tries to get away from his former life in Colorado. The game begins by telling what happened earlier to show the reason why Henry wants to escape and takes a job as lookout in the mountains of Wyoming. For a change and to forget what happened it seems he leaves his home town because a tragedy happened after he had such a good time. He feels guilty and lost and unable to fix any of his problems and doesn't really want to talk about it. The story is really touching and told while he is heading to his new working place.

While staying in the national park he has some conversations with Delilah, another lookout and his boss. She sends him out for checking on the forest and fires, hikers and bear tracks, and most of the time she'll tease him. Some mysterious things happen and he needs to investigate those. The game is fun by those conversations, which feel real and are only via radio. It could be compared to meeting by internet, not knowing how the other person looks like and still get to know each other by the chats. You may choose the answers but they don't really have any influence on the story. If you don't answer fast enough the possibility to use the radio is simply gone for now, which is a bit sad, but might be useful if you dislike all the answers.

The story doesn't let you discover things you aren't ready for, things you need to progress in the story for will be blocked. Ways will be blocked by bushes or missing ropes at climbing stones and you'll better just follow the forest trails and paths through the canyons. You'll get an axe and other items to open up some blocked ways. Enjoy the summer feeling and the relaxing nature. Later on you should take some pictures for fun and as evidence too. Searching places was at times a bit cumbersome, because I simply forgot where I found them and took the wrong turn.

The graphic is gorgeous and in an amazing comic graphic style. The soundtrack is beautiful and calm. This game could be compared with a brilliant book or a nice movie, it is a one time use. Once you know the story it is finished. You can play about 4-7 hours. Only for this reason we would recommend to buy that game on sale, because the game is way too short for its full price. It is an awesome story with a lot of sensitive and surprising outcomes. The story drags you into it and touches you by its beautiful sights and trilling moments.

We recommend: If you like story driven games, you need to play this one!