Folk Tale

Genre: Strategy / Simulation / Fantasy / RPG
Developer: Games Foundry
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The campaign starts with a tiny village that you need to rescue and protect from bandits and wild animals. Then you get the task to build the village up. New villagers will arrive if you did take care of food and cottages. Later you'll need to fulfill more other needs to attract more people. You have to get a butcher, a tailor, some farmers, a baker and more other professions to supply the village with all your people need. You got the possibility to auto-recrut in a building or choose a worker in the buildings menu to add him. Make sure you place the stonecutter next to an endless stone resource, or else he'll stop working after short while. You can upgrade your productive buildings to expand the number of workers and you can improve the work if you got enough materials and money.

The game reminds on The Settlers game and Torchlight and has a cute graphic. You will have to get rid of the bandits on your map and raise your village. Then you will get new quests and start to explore your map. Your hero will fight and level up and you can spend his experience points on strength, health, agility and mind. If your soldiers die the equipment they have worn is lost. The player can travel by portal between several maps and start several villages same time.

Sometimes the controls of this game can be a bit unfamiliar. The screen can be turned by pressing tab and alt same time or by pressing alt and the left mouse button. Using alt again will disable the turning. To move the screen you can just press your mouse wheel or move the mouse to the edge of your screen. A very nice tutorial will lead you through the controls and features. Some items in the inventory can be only dragged if you change the inventory tab. They get blocked by the quests shown on the screen that are at same position and unfortunately you can not move the inventory itself.

The very detailed fantasy worlds is beautiful. The walkways can be a bit annoying complicated and long in the campaign. The city watch and your hero can equip armor and better weapons, that you'll find as loot. Unemployed people do not get shown at any menu, except at the buildings that offer work, that's a bit unhandy. If you did start, but not complete a quest you might later after finishing the main quest not be able to finish it any more. Other than that there is nothing to complain about in this game. It offers you a sandbox and the campaign.

Actually this game had already 2013 a nice little story and mission that disappeared from the game and was replaced by a different campaign. It took more than 3 years till the game is finally this far. We can expect at least one more year of development if the developers want to add enough content. I was done with the campaign after 10 hours. Then you can still play sandbox for a few more hours, I played it for at least 20 more. This game is far more relaxing than The Settlers, because you don't need to go attacking all the time. It is also more complex, because you can develop better production by upgrading your places of production.

The developers added a link to their own game guide that also explains everything about their game. Never saw something like that in any game till now, a very thoughtful help. There is also an editor in-game that allows you to build your own maps and missions.

We recommend: If you loved games like The Settlers and Warcraft 3 you might love this one too although it is much smaller till now and needs more missions to get really interesting. Buy it on sale or wait for more development and you won't regret it!