Force of Nature

Genre: Survival / RPG / Crafting
Developer: A.Y.std
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This RPG sandbox has survival elements. You need to craft armor, weapons and prebuild houses to drop storages and crafting tables. While you'll also collect materials for this you'll spend most of your time in your base to get the food and metal, fabric and other crafting materials that you need to produce. The ambient sounds and music is nice, but your coop partner can't hear most of it. There is also neither any character costumization nor any female character.

The world is randomly generated and has dynamic weather, some of the ground will be so steep or rough that you will need to find a way to walk anywhere at all. During the night you'll see nothing without a lamp, but there are pocketlamps that you can craft and the night passes by very fast. Monsters and wild animals can drop pelt, claws and other crafting materials to you. To level the character up you'll need to build and find things in the world. Sometimes you'll get sent to more difficult higher level areas so you'll need good armor. Armor can also protect you against cold and heat. Some achivements are too easy others are a ridiculous amount of work.

Collecting water and food can get a bit of a time consuming job. There are also a few bugs and unbalanced things in this game. Especially the terrain in some areas can just drive you nuts if you can't pass over it at all. The animations are a bit stiff sometimes and the camera and controls can be uncomfortable. It is obvious that this game still needs some work and polish.

The graphics are outdated but beautiful and detailed. We did not really like that we could not build the houses by ourselves and choose the size of it. Especially coop can be super annoying in this game because you will have to stay close together all the time, which means if one is crafting at home the other person is condemned to stay there too. He can not even go out for farming wood or anything else, the game will just stop him from walking away. But it seems the developer finally understood how important complaints about that were and changed some of it.

The basic idea about the leveling system is unique, but it forces you to grind for certain materials to level up. The areas with different monsters and plants are neat designed. The loading you'll get each time when you change the area and the fast loss of your stamina and energy is a bit tedious and you need to have some patience for this game, that is for sure. After a few levels you will find out that the combat system is not really very good, we can not keep that secret. You'll loose some of your items when you die and you can't pick them back up. You may not bother about some animals running away from you in top speed when you got them already almost down. So no materials from those and they will take a lot of health and stamina from you. Things like that can happen, but are tolerable. What's far more bothering was the coop with its small distance that you have to go everywhere where your friend goes, because the developer was at first not willing to change that. Coop is also only for 2 people.

We recommend: The game can be fun, we personally loved it a lot, but we did not have time yet to check back on the coop, so better read up on it!