Forgotten Places: Lost Circus

Genre: Casual Game / Busy Scenes / Hidden Objects (Wimmelbild)
Developer: Sungift Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The story driven game with busy scenes asks you to find objects. I had the impression that it starts out quite easy and gets more difficult the longer you play. This difficulty increase keeps you playing. The story isn't too simple and does catch your attention in the beginning. A mysterious dream brought you to a place that you need to explore to find out why you dream of it all the time.

Some of the pictures are a bit spooky, but no reason to be scared. The game is rather a bit kitschy and a lot like a colorful fiddly puzzle. The riddles are quiet easy solvable. The game is textbased and doesn't offer any choices, you simply search for items, not even for clues. You could even play it with your child, if some items wouldn't be too specific to find for a kid. The word choice is a few times maybe a tiny bit strange. Never heard of a boiling hot summer, neither in my own nor in any other countrys language.

Would have also been nicer to have voice output, but this kind of games usually don't have that. The game is still atmospheric. If you are really very picky you could criticize some riddles, for example they ask you to look for a fire and what you need to find is a canister, or you need to find jewelry, but a jewel case doesn't count, although necklaces stick out. Some placement mechanism is occasionally hard to handle, for example it was a bit difficult to find the right spot to click to open up a passage.

The graphic is nice. I would classify the music and graphics as average. You need to find a recipe and need to look up 17 other items that aren't connected to it at all, what sense that makes? No idea, but you get used to the way the game works and do not question it. The game is not outstanding, but for some breaks at work you can play it on your phone or computer. It also won't keep you very long busy, I estimate 3 hours, then you should be latest done, so don't expect too much. We would have wished a more surprising or profound ending, but other than that it is a nice game. We also personally believe that the developer should rather pack a bunch of games like that in a bundle to sell them together, because you could play then a lot longer and he could earn a bit more, but that is just our impression, that people might prefer that.

We recommend: If you like this kind of diverting "finding objects" games, you can buy it, it is really cheap on steam!