Founders Fortune

Genre: Strategy / Colony Builder / Management
Developer: Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This brilliant colony simulation was created by two people it seems. Its release is planed for the 19th July 2019 and the beautiful Rimworld clone in 3d is what a lot of players were waiting for. Finally a colony management game that challenges your patience and talent to fulfill all the wishes your settlers will have. Especially women can be demanding, doesn't that remind us on real life somehow? The two ( probably Bavarian) developers did put a lot of tiny humorous remarks and one-liners into their descriptions as well as some mechanics that will just amuse you. Also I need to mention that they thought of pretty much every comfortable gameplay you can imagine for such a colony builder. Things that did annoy me in Rimworld, like for example spoiling food, overflowing storages, do not exist in this game.

You start out with two people that you can luckily choose from a diced selection of simple kept characters with only two or three characteristics. You can choose between 3 game modes, a more peaceful one, one with enemies that aren't too bad and a hardcore mode. This is one of the few strategy games that doesn't force you to constantly watch if your people will eat or sleep and survive. Most of the time they will do that by themselves, except they are injured. There seems to be a possibility to capture or heal the goblins that will attack you from time to time, but you can also just kill and burry them. You can destroy the Tiki goblins camp and get rid of them if you like to. Also there are random events happening in your colony, like bugs appearing on your crops or people getting ill or breaking a leg or arm. A day and night circle and different seasons that will affect your farming does exist too. The only things I did not find in the beginning was marriage and kids, they added this meanwhile and animals too.

You will have to collect food to survive. There are some apple trees on the map and you should probably build nearby them to make your start easier, because you can not farm before you did not develop that ability by research. No animals to hunt or fishes to catch as far as I could see, but you can trade with a merchant that comes by from time to time with a ship. You can grow some food and it will easily feed all your people. The people do look like little charming gnomes and basically this game shows the atmosphere of a dwarven game without any digging. Pretty much every other resource than soil can be collected and used for your building and decorating. You'll find wood, stone, iron, cotton and crystal.

You are free to build a town with lots of houses or one huge base, just be aware that if you decide to go for the village layout the downside is that you'll need a lot of resources, because each house demands the same comfort and decoration in the end, and if you start out with several houses the people will even ask for having all crafting tables and shelves in their own house, which can be very time consuming but also a lot of fun of course. Good thing is that you can build multi-story houses too. You will have to research, grow food, get medicine and educate a doctor, build tools and weapons, construct your houses, provide clothes and armor and level your people in one chosen profession. The game is pretty complex in its tasks but the tasks are pretty easy to fulfill. The developers found a perfect balance for their management structure and you got a bonfire that shows you if you did fulfill all your peoples desires, because only then new settlers will arrive and join you. You'll get a surprise "kinderschokolade" egg, you'll never know what guy or girl is dropped on your beach, but that seems to be part of the challenge. Or you just save and reload the game till you like the new settler, because the get randomly chosen.

The graphic reminds on children books from fairy tales and Disney cartoon movies, it's made with unity and is cute and nice animated. I would classify it as colorful with a touch of cuteness. The developers did put a lot of lovely details into their items and the animations of the little gnomes are absolutely gorgeous. In the options you'll find all basic settings you could expect. The building system allows you to drop single walls, add later on doors or windows, and remove also already build stuff or drag furniture to a different place. Bugs are mostly fixed and you can consider to buy it already. There is not really any exploration to this game, so it would be great if they could later on add the possibility to change islands by a ship that you can build. Different biomes would be nice, but that would be a far future project, maybe something for an add-on or the endgame version. The game is still in early access, so we can be curious and excited to see where else it goes.

We recommend: If you like colony builders, this one is an absolute must have!

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