Genre: Survival / Strategy / Colony Building
Developer: 11 bit studios
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The game takes place at a steampunk ice age in the year 1887. Human race was almost terminated from earth by the bitter cold taking over the planet. It is your task to build the last city and keep your people alive. Only a handful of them made it and you will have to build a home for them and provide warmth and food. Keep your people content and the hopes high. You will also be able to go scouting for more people and resources later on, but for now you should make sure that your people survive till they got shelter and food and heating.

This city builder shows the struggle of humanity to survive in an unforgiving surrounding and extrem weather conditions. Every of your decisions will have an impact on your development and the well-being of your people. You fled from London to find an abandoned generator that you need for heating your new colony. Every of your choices will have a dramatic important meaning to your development. It will be hard to satisfy your people under those conditions that almost force you to accept things like child labour or mass graves or a 24 hours work shift.

You will have to collect coal, wood and steel, as well as food. The game will give you orders what to build or develop next and you better don't ignore that, otherwise you would loose the trust of your people pretty fast. Even if it is an end of the world scenario your people will expect things from you and if they don't get them they will rise a revolt against you. Every decision will be a matter of moral and misery and have consequences. Not only a few times you'll be torn between short term solutions and long lasting ones.

The new situation will force you to research technologies for your city and pass edicts. The circumstances will catch you in a double bind. Whatever you'll decide it might be not the ideal concept, but you don't have better options. This does make the game quite realistic. No matter what you do it will be tough as nails to handle this struggle for survival. Your people will suffer and be grim and stressful. You will have to save some resources for tomorrow or send your people out freezing even if it feels cruel, but it will also be totally necessary for the colony.

The tutorial is not really very simple or intuitive, the game has also no sandbox mode till now, but it seems to be planed. The problem are the sudden events that mess up your strategy quite often by stupid influences that you can't see coming. The graphics are well done, the music is melancholic, the building area is restricted by the cold and ice, resources and the walls of your crater. The interface was difficult for me and I had to get used to it. Although the game is hard to win we can absolutely recommend this one.

We recommend: If you like city builder games, buy it!