Game Dev Tycoon

Genre: Simulation / Management / Strategy
Developer: Greenheart Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This really low-cost game developer tycoon shows the computer and console device history and asks you to raise your own video game company starting out in the 80s. Become the leader of the market and research technologies. You start out in the classical garage and have to research topics for your small games. Gain experience and try to create the best selling games.

You'll get the possibilities to release sequels, create a costum game engine and hire a team later on. Train your staff and renovate your office. Depending on the point of time, the influence of the society taste and your device choice you'll be successful or not with similar settings producing your games. You should not develop sequels, if you can't offer a better game engine for them, otherwise your customers will be disappointed.

This is a nice little simulation game and worth its price. It is not the best game developer simulation there is, but it is a quick and easy game. It features the history of game device development, but they should have put in a bit less messages, because those kinda spam you sometimes. This is the only critic point I would have. While developing your games you'll need to choose a fitting genre, device and audience.

As your company grows you get access to features and unlock new options. After 35 years the game history stops and you'll get a message that you made it. You can either publish your own games or you take some jobs for publishers or do some small work orders till you reach there.

The graphic is cute and there is not much happening on your screen. Most of the game is text-based. It is not easy to see how far you are moving your sliders if you are trying to reach a certain percentage. Also you will only be able to see how your hype goes up by the marketing you'll pay, but you won't be able to estimate if your game will be successful. Game Dev Tycoon has a lot of replay ability and is a fun game.

We recommend: If you like tycoon games, buy it!