Garden Flipper

Genre: Simulation / Gardening / Decorating
Developer: Emphyrean
Gamemode: Singleplayer

It's a tragedy! This game and its add-ons could be so enjoyable, if the developers could add more items. As in the base game this DLC is also missing a lot of content. At least they did add now one in ground pool with several textures. The flowers look partly very nice, the rest of them look either weird or just ugly. For the reason, that I did 3D design during my life, some of the flower textures are completely unacceptable for me. Even a user made game like Second Life did better items than this game. They flowers got a weird perspective or white borders because they did not get cut out properly from their background.

A problem are also the furniture textures, instead of adding the same ones to all furniture we get again some gray looking white chairs and tables, some that look white and far too few items and textures which would fit together. This problem is constantly occuring in the House Flipper game, as well as the far too dark and intense wall colors, the far too few wallpapers and wall panels, the really very restricted selection of tiles and the absolute hard to find matching kitchen furniture. Most of the time you struggle in this game with the lack of content and the few abilities to put nice stuff together. You'll end up to say: This is a game for people who don't care how ugly their home and garden looks.

The tragedy is that the game could be so brilliant with a bit more afford and content! And it might not bother some kids, but for those who are adult it will be a shame to see that they give you an ivy looking plant and call it currant plant, although most kids even know, that a currant plant has no ivy leaves. Such things show a sloppy work, and this is only one example for the way how the game is. Sorry developer team, but you have to live with such critique as long as you don't fix things like that. The second tragedy is, that you only need to make one template to add all textures you'd like to have and for wallpapers, paint, tiles, panels and furniture it wouldn't be much afford at all to give the people more texture options, the less I understand the problem here! Same with flower colors by the way! People will mostly love the idea of the game, but will also feel the lack of content very fast. In my opinion the best way to loose customers for the future. The more you love this game, the more you'll get disappointed about the few options you get. I personally don't believe they'll fix anything in this game anymore for the reason, that they seem to want to make fast and easy money.

There is just this small border between games with quality and those that are fast done to earn the fast coin with them. The publisher PlayWay does produce a lot of those low quality simulation games and sells them for the reason of their lack of content and afford overprized. Of course there will be still a lot of people enjoying those games and view them relatively uncritical, mainly because the ideas for the games are brilliant, others will be just disappointed and even angry about the sloppy execution of that idea. You need to know that most items in this game were not even designed by the developers, but bought on the unity shop for a few bugs, which explains why most things don't really fit together or just don't look very beautiful. If you are one of those players that don't expect much from a game go for it.

The graphic isn't anything to write home about and it seems that some people have serious issues to run the game at all. The music is ok, not really amazing, but quite relaxing. Unfortunately cloud saving does not always work, although they state using it, which means that your save files and all your decorated houses just disappear if you don't have them on your computer. If you need more infos to the main game we recommend reading the review we did on House Flipper.

We recommend: If you like house renovation and gardening and are fine with just anything, you can still buy it, but don't expect too much and above all buy it only on sale!