Good Company

Genre: Management / Economy / Simulation
Developer: Chasing Carrots
Gamemode: Singleplayer

Wow is this game disappointing! As much as I loved the idea and graphics of this game, as bad seems the realization for now. It looked so nice in the preview videos. Not only that some menus are just not available or to be found, for example after hiring your workers you got no window to look up the wages you pay. There is no menu to look up how much you are producing. When you change the production after researching any improvement and want to know why your products suddenly don't get sold anymore at your outbound, but you will only be confused. Research is also really boring. You disassemble some mechanic parts of your product and analyze them. The modules you use for this get destroyed and you'll just sit there till some bars fill up several times till you may use those points you'll get as a reward to do some research for new modules, which means to sit again watching bares fill up 60 times. How extremely bland.

The animations are really pretty uninspired and dull. Although the graphics are pretty and colorful the complicated interface, the bad animations and the partly annoying music ruins some of the fun. For a not really cheap game this is frustrating. But the most disappointing is that you can only choose from some electronic products. There are no different production chains. Common products like fashion, furniture, food, none of them can be produced at all. You'd expect the robots to be part of the assembly lines and not the only endproduct you can produce. Workers can not be managed more than telling them at which workplace they should work. Workers got also no different abilities or experience. They can't be educated or improved. Prices of your product can not be adjusted. There is really nothing that would make this a serious management game.

The tutorial is super needed in this game, because the logistics need to be explained, but if later on anything in your production chain stops working you don't get any warning hint or explanation. The logistics AI is literally garbage, because you'll reach a point where everything might just stop working when you change anything by researching better components. It is impossible to assign people to delivery paths and by this some shelves will soon be full and your workers will stand in front of them waiting. You can not prioritize or optimize anything. There is also no possibility to move products from the outgoing zone of one building to the inbound of another. Creating the production chain is simple though, but as soon as you have the production running you got nothing else to do than researching and getting points for that research by analyzing modules.

You would expect in such a game at least some marketing or advertisement of any kind to be able to influence the market, but you'll not find that either. Some mechanics are cumbersome, some features missing, some needed information windows not available. The quality lacks everywhere.

The graphic is cute, the animations not so much. The music is partly really bad. In total the game is too early access, or just not very playable. Sorry for my harsh critic, but I am angry about the bad quality, because of the inadequate price.

We recommend: If you like management games, don't buy it for now!