Grand Theft Auto V

Genre: Action / First Person Shooter / Open World
Developer: Rockstar North
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

This gangster game should be well known already but for those who did not ever play any of the previous ones: The series of GTA games always offered to steal cars and rob people, to sell drugs and get rich by missions for criminals. The town in GTA V is as huge as the worlds of the older GTA games and has a lot of really realistic textures and locations to offer, such as docks, airfields, farms, sawmill, stripclub, pubs, shops, just to name a few. The car handling is far better than at GTA IV and the graphics are also much nicer. The story switches between 3 different characters and offeres also some side missions you can repeat.

Besides the option to play a single player story you can also play with your friends on invite only servers or go to any of the public servers to have a lot of stupid kids around that will try everything to ruin your day and gameplay. If you got fun at this kind of competition who can be the greatest idiot feel free to go public, otherwise you should just better stay away from those hackers and frustrated teens that will just be no fun. Unfortunately Rockstar did not take enough care of those problems and seems to just let people screw up their game big time. To say this very clear, on the public servers this game will be most of the time totally unplayable and annoying.

Nicest part of this game is the possibility to buy vehicles, get cars, bikes, boats and airplanes as well as helicopters and use them. To do so you need either to do missions on a public server or to pay additional real life money into the game. You are able to customize most of those vehicles. If you are in the single player you are able to run some businesses too, but your possibilities to use everything are limited. In the online mode there are different kinds of missions that you can do together, like heists, small tasks, supply runs and deliveries for your biker club or VIP missions with your bodyguards.

Sadly Rockstar did not really take much care of offering some different houses and apartments. The interior can be only changed at a very few high class ones and basically all others vary between 3 looks inside. Most windows are covered by curtains that you can not open, walls do have often ugly colors and balconies or gardens can most of the time not be entered at all from the house. We tried to get any apartment with unobstructed ocean view, it's impossible! Not even one beach house available in online mode! What did Rockstar think people would dream of to live at in a town next to the seaside? I mean how stupid do you need to be to cover windows by curtains just to not have to work on the proper fitting view? Really disappointing because the rest of the world is really detailed and there are lots of nice locations, often based on places from Los Angeles, like the amusement park where you can even drive on a tiny roller coaster.

As in the predecessors of this game you can play a lot of games within this game. You can go to a cinema, play dart, tennis and golf. You will find some jet skies at the beaches and can pretty much take control of almost everything. A lot of items are destructible. The nicest moments in this game just add to each others, some like driving a nice sports car along any highway and listening to some cool music while the sun is going down. In the tradition of the GTA games this one has also a lot of nice soundtracks on its radio station, but after a while the music will be pretty repetitive too. Be aware that you may not install any mods, or you'll risk to get banned.

The online servers got a lot of connection problems, you will encounter lags, disconnects, endless and I mean really endless loading times and problems to invite your friends, feel free to do your daily dish washing or house cleaning meanwhile, just to warn you, but the worst are the cheaters and hackers everywhere. Rockstar also does not allow you to go afk for more than a minute, then you'll disconnect, except you are watching ingame tv. You can play this game by mouse and keyboard but a game pad makes it still less difficult. You can also change between ego perspective or third person view and will have a huge sandbox for all your gunfights and car crashes. The game is still impressive and a lot of fun, but the loading times can sometimes drive you to force close the game and Rockstar randomly removes ingame money from apparently by pure chance chosen ingame accounts and without any proven reason they will accuse you to have illegaly gained that money.

We recommend: If you like gangster games and don‘t care about tons of hackers and cheaters, go ahead and torture yourself! Otherwise better stay away or just play it offline or in closed sessions which means to miss out most of its content or just don't buy it at all.