Genre: Survival / Base-Building / Open World / Outer-Space
Developer: BitMonster Inc.
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This Survival Game is more a shooter in deep space. You will spawn on a colourful planet with a beautiful graphic. You can craft a base with some cubes that got windows or doors or just walls for your building. You can use wood, stone or metal cubes. Free building does look different because you will not really have that many options to vary the look of your base. For a game that calls itself a base-building game a problem, because people will expect some more possibilities. Base building will require collecting materials and killing monsters.

For collecting resources you can go to caves that are full of alien monsters or travel with a portal to another planet. An electro fence, a field generator, a bubble shield and some turrets will protect your base, while you are off to other worlds. In the caves, also called dungeons, you'll meet at every planet different monsters and bosses. You will be hunting for armour-, tools- and weapon blueprints that can be dropped by any enemy.

You can choose about 7 jobs that give you abilities and skills. If you want to level those you need to go kill monsters. Some jobs will give you the ability to use certain weapons or tools or improve their effect or speed. By this you will need to level a lot of them and have to go killing monsters again and again, ...and...again. You want to go to different planets, for this you'll need new different armour and better weapons most of the times, so you need to go collecting materials by killing monsters again.

Yes it is a hostile environment and if you just travel around the planet you spawn at you will find levels between 1 and 60+, so depending where you go you will have stronger enemies or easier ones. But you got a doom buggy car to fall through the surface of this world and get killed by this bug or you can take a science fiction mono cycle bike. It runs by wood and you can cause another time the forest die back to fuel it or the jet pack. As usual you'll have to collect a whole lot of resources for crafting and powering anything. Your wood can be changed into organics, this organics that look like poop and will generate food for you, your wood will produce electricity at your generator. There are vendors at each planet and dungeon that also offer same items and resources and sometimes rare materials that you can get easier by them.

If you need to regenerate health you can dance at a fireplace or use a health stim. If you travel to another planets by star-gates you better craft a respawnpoint just in case that you die, every planet can have one uplink (respawnpoint). If you die you'll drop a bright orb that keeps your inventory. You got to head back to pick it up. The highest level of monsters seems to be 71. You'll find some loot crates around sometimes and material deposits that you can farm by miners. It's still a lot of boring grinding to level up your character and craft every equipment. At least you can find a few interesting buildings that look like observatories with a nice dome and got some different monsters in their instance. You can also fly with a plane called hammerhead to small islands but the steering is pretty hard.

The menu and crafting in this game is pretty easy although some things don't really work at building as they should. In a group it is still fun playing Grav for a while. Everything gets very repetitive after short time. You are forced to collect materials all the time or you won't get anywhere. The developers improved the UI and environment since the release, but the grinding problem got ignored it seems. It is just not enough to keep people playing for a longer time. This sience fiction style game can be played on a PVP or PVE server. It has definitely a beautiful graphic, but on a long term the grinding kills the fun.

Our recommendation: You can buy it, if you don't mind grinding! Otherwise it's a nope.