Graveyard Keeper

Genre: RPG / Simulation / Crafting
Developer: Lazy Bear Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This game is a graveyard simulator. It plays at medieval times. The protagonist ends up in a different century on a cemetery after an accident, but not buried, instead he has to work in a job as graveyard keeper to gain the ability to go back to his former life centuries later. Your task is to clean up the graveyard and improve its appearance. You better take your job serious, because if you bring your cemetery to a level of 100 points you'll be rewarded with a very nice income by every sermon. You can hold those ceremonies twice a week and gain faith and donations by them.

The nicer you decorate your church and graveyard the more points you'll gain and the more money you'll earn. Additionally you'll be able to sell funeral certificates at the local tavern. With this money you can buy seeds or bees from a farmer, wet stone and metal from the blacksmith, books for additional skill points, nature knowledge and spiritual points at the astrologer, grape seeds at a merchant, hemp, seed oil or rope at an hermit. But there are also some other people trading resources such as stone and wood. Those you might better collect yourself to gain skill points and nature points. In the church cellar you can later on also do some research.

For now you will have to concentrate on collecting, crafting and burrying dead corpses. And you'll be spammed with them every now and then in the early evening. Later on you might want to not autopsy them any more to gain time for crafting and other activities. You can then throw them into the river if they decayed already or bury them immediately. While you get also offered to sell the meat from those dead bodies it won't be that easy to make money with it. You might also want to run a kitchen garden to regain stamina by some nice food you can cook. Asides the gardening, cooking and wine yard you can have bee hives and go fishing. There are plenty of possibilities in this game to spend your time and sometimes that business with the dead bodies will be quite a disturbance. Luckily you can get easy rid of them.

In order to unlock crafting recipes you'll need to do collecting and crafting and solve quests. By this you'll gain skill points and can choose the recipes you want to learn. Eat and sleep for regaining stamina and take a visit to the little dungeon. To solve some quests you'll need to unlock higher tiers at traders by buying titles for a higher reputation, doing quests and selling or buying stuff. Learn early to collect higher tier metal, then it will drop to you while farming other metal or stone and it will give you the ability to craft graphite. Under no circumstance miss the times when you can pray for money, you'll need it to buy everything. To be fair we need to mention that the game lives a lot from reload and repeat if you want to get a chance to have good bodies for your graves, because you have no influence on what you'll get.

The graphic is a beautiful pixel graphic and could be compared to Stardew Valley. The theme of the game is darker and still pretty realistic because graveyard keepers were sometimes also doing experiments on the dead bodies and extracting whatever they could use. In the upper left corner of the screen shows a circle with symbols that turns clockwise during the game and shows you different times. NPC's show up at certain times and the symbols will help you to figure out when. Unfortunately the developers reduced the income drastically after the alpha, did not give the possibility to earn much by selling materials either and made the game very grindy by this. Additionally they force you now to pay the donkey with carrots after updating the church, which gives you the possibility to regulate when dead bodies get delivered, but reduces your income as well. Also it is not really usefull that you can't skip the day if you aren't tired. The crafting in this game is complex and amazing and most fun. The game is out since august this year.

We recommend: If you like crafting games, you need to have this one!