Green Project

Genre: Survival / Postapocalyptic / Farming Simulation
Developer: Dawson Dewulf
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The guy you are playing was in space in a cryogenic sleep for 300 years while earth was destroyed by a fungal pandemic. When you come back down in a capsule you need to recapture earth, plant trees and grow food to survive. The misuse of nature that this game refers to is sadly enough not even unrealistic, because we have genetic manipulated plants on earth meanwhile, that do destroy the variety of our food plants. By dusting nearby fields in their surrounding they change the seeds genetically and cause a huge problem, because the farmers have to eliminate far more bad weeds with pesticides by using them and this will damage our health enormous. In Green Project humanity is not existing anymore, you have to do all by yourself and the amount of tasks will seem a bit overwhelming sometimes.

The world is reduced to desert, empty ruins, cadavers, car wrecks and trash everywhere, but you can search them and find some helpful items. In the beginning you will be trapped in your own garden by purple bubbles on the floor, that will instantly kill you if you walk into them. Fortunately the game will load at your last save if you saved the game at all and if you accidentally walk into them. Which happens far easier than you'll expect, as well as starving to death and not noticing it in time and other stupid mistakes that will let you die. The former owner of your farm left some helpful stuff in his house to you and you'll need to craft some more items at his workshop to survive. There are lots of crafting recipes and items.

You will have to collect water and food to survive and hunt some small animals. Nothing is going to attack you, so you could take your sweet time if there weren't hunger and thirst and the loss of energy over time. The game could be compared to Stardrew Valley by its farming part, but it takes place in a far more depressed surrounding and the daily struggle to survive is far harder, although it isn't too challenging. There is a day and night circle and weather changes.

Your task is to bring nature back to life and the biodiversity to be able to reach all parts of the map. It is a tiny map with several different locations, but the developer is still working on the game and you are even allowed to post your ideas for changes. You can easily see the love he did put in the game so far and in my opinion it is one of those rare beautiful gems you'll enjoy a lot if you love pixel graphics and farming simulations with a large crafting aspect to it.

The graphic is cute, the music is still missing, but there are lots of noises and sounds. The story to the game is still only very basic. You will have a problem to stop to play once you started, because there is always so much to do and it is just tickling your curiosity so much to see what's around the next corner. To explore some buildings you'll need a lamp, to craft that lamp you'll need to find some special seeds and recipe and reanimate the seeds by that crafting recipe. Then you'll have to grow that plant and harvest afterwards the fireflies from it. The ideas behind every crafting are just so detailed and complex that they'll keep you busy. Also the game gets updated all the time. For now you can easily play about 30 hours till you saw everything and I expect to get still more content in the future. Some still needs to be improved, for example the game has no pause function, but I am positive that the developer takes care of stuff like that in the future. To say it clear: This is no Early Access, but you can still expect the developer to be dedicated to his game. Also it has far not that much content like Stardew Valley, because it is less storydriven, has a smaller map and is rather a pure crafting survival game. For me it even runs on Proton with my Linux.

We recommend: If you like survival farming games, buy it, it is truly great and well worth its price!