Grim Nights

Genre: Survival / Zombies / Tower Defence
Developer: Edym Pixels
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This cute little pixel game is a small village builder in side scrolling view. It got 13 different types of enemies and 3 unique bosses. You have to build up your town as fast as you can by collecting minerals in a mine, wood on the surface and by training 9 different types of solders. Watch it that you choose the strongest men as units to defend your village.

Upgrading the buildings will unlock more different buildings which are useful for your defence, but there aren't many buildings to be honest. A trader can be called by one of them and you can sell and buy items to allow you to expand faster. The game is simple and nice as soon as you understood that there is also one creature showing up each day and it needs to be fed with one of your villagers. Those sacrifices will give you potions you'll need. Each time a villager dies you'll get a new one. The people do have different perks. You might want to sacrifice the weak one.

You need to do some farming or underground fishing or bunny hunting in the mine to feed your people constantly. The game is complex by the different types of enemies and all the strategies you'll need to protect your village. There are no protection walls, just some wooden spikes for the floor. By this it gets pretty challenging after a short while. While digging in the ground you might open tombs with even more enemies, so be careful, but you can also find rare resources by that.

Within few minutes the enemies might overrun you and demolish your towers, kill all your archers and destroy the village because the difficulty rises very fast. It can get pretty hard, although it is a short game of about 5-6 hours playing through. After 13 nights the game ends. It takes an insane amount of management and second, third attempt to protect the village against the growing incoming hordes. The price is still the reason why most people recommend this one.

The graphic isn't anything to write home about, it is just a pixel game and everything is very tiny and far away. The music matches the game and is quite relaxing. There is a windowed mode and a pause option if you go to the menu, but some aspects of the game could be improved. It would be nice to have any endless mode and several maps, till now the game is just too short and has not enough to offer for replaying. Also it would be more enjoyable if you could scroll closer to see more details. Be aware that it is truely only a tiny game, thatfor it is also cheap at steam.

We recommend: If you like pixel art tower defence games, buy it!