Genre: Survival / WildWest / Open World
Developer: Code}{atch
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This game has mixed reviews and some controversial rating. People who go to a PVP server do need to expect to be raided or robbed, but the game has also PVE servers or you can set up your own password protected multiplay server. There are still some bugs and animals can get stuck anywhere, but for an early access game it is nevertheless very enjoyable and playable if you got a good graphics card and computer. Also you might be very happy to find some animals stuck if you need to hunt or tame one. You may have trouble sometimes by invisible rocks or trees that might suddenly disappear for some seconds. Hunted animals might be hard to chop down because most of the times they'll be slightly off to the right side. On public servers the server might crash and set your progress back to the last save, but it doesn't happen too often. Server saves can be a bit annoying at multiplay. Most people complaining that the game would not run for them will probably need to upgrade their computer or lower their graphics. The coop server is not available as a host button, you need to set up your own dedicated server. You can use this link for help, the setup is super easy: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1640027839

The game feels truly like at pioneer times and you'll start out with nothing working your way up to having a house, animals, crops and furniture. You may begin at the tropics, the valley, the forest, the mountains or desert or even in a swamp if you choose to play single player. The homestead update has been recently added and gives you the opportunity to prove that you can make it all alone. There are wild animals, Indians and bandits on the map, that may attack you. To start building you need to claim land and drop a flag and add into its inventory some money to pay a monthly tax. There are several building tiers that you can learn. To build you'll need a clipboard, to remove and upgrade things a hammer. Depending on your sever settings removing a structure coasts money, so you need to plan well. E and Q helps turning structures at building.

The game is much more than just a cowboy game, you can feel like Crocodile Dundee or Robinson Crusoe at certain locations and times. The character customization isn't very large. Servers have a limit of 32-40 players. Money can be best earned by selling hunted animals and growing tobacco. If you find geodes you can open them at a fireplace and get valuable gems. You'll need to craft a shipping bin to sell anything or buy stuff. Unlike the multiplay you can not drop at the homestead single player beds anywhere on the map, you need to drop another flag, which is 50.000$, just far too expensive. The downside of the single player is that you'll have very few stamina. Like at Stardew Valley you'll need to eat food, best works meat, to regain a bit of it. After chopping wood for 10 minutes you'll have to go rest. You'll get used to it and the game gives you a sign that you are getting dizzy to warn you, at least it did that till the last update. If you pass out, you might get robbed or got to pay for being brought home. Fortunately it doesn't matter because you can reload the game in singleplayer upto 10 days backwards. Also you may level energy and work your way out of those stamina problems.

The graphic is beautiful and there are several biomes to explore. You can get governor or president and in PVP you might get shot trying to get there. Resources can be easily collected with tools and the crafting skill tree is complex and huge. This is one of the survival games that offers you to choose also a female avatar. Your character can also be leveled and improved in a few abilities. You can have family and even make love to someone for that reason, but they need then a bed and food and are quite useless. I love the sounds they added to everything. There is one to each crafting station and the nature also got plenty of them. Not to forget about the nice music in this game. Of course there is day and night circle as well as weather changes. The game still needs far more animals and probably a few more decorations like plantable orange and apple trees. Singleplayer might lag a bit from time to time, but it doesn't influence your gameplay too much. There is no tutorial, but some hints at the loading screens, so it can be helpful to go asking in a multiplay server if you need infos, because there are no guides yet either. Taming works by a blowpipe and darts, after you got the animal down you need to put food into the inventory. Admin console is opened in singleplayer by opening the chat and using /give "item you want". You can not pause the game. I bought this game for about 4 Euros on sale and it was my best buy ever and even ran on Linux. Since they added an anticheat system I sadly can't play it anymore.

We recommend: If you like survival games, got a new good graphics card and don't mind that it is still in early access, buy it, it is so much fun!