Hobo: Tough Life

Genre: Survival / Simulation / Crafting
Developer: Perun Creative
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Coop

The hobo game is starting out anywhere in an abondoned part of a city. You wake up between dumped cars and overgrown ruins and some industrial dumpster. The gameplay bases on minigames to search dumpsters, to lockpick boxes and furniture and also to beg from people money. Unfortunately those mini games only pop up for very short time and are very hard in the beginning. If you miss out on the right timing you'll loose. Additionally you'll stink if you just tried to search a dumpster. You'll search ashtrays and public telephones for coins and talk to some npc's to gain their trust. By every action you'll gain slowly some ability for example raises your talking level by the your speach skill, searching items in the trash levels your dumpster diving, crafting items will improve your crafting ability. Then you'll get some quests and small missions after a while, that you can most of the time not even accomplish, because you need to get some abilities first to do so.

The game is pretty rough, partly quite realistic, but for sure also quite ugly by the surrounding. There is a church in the city and the priest will give you a blessing which improves your faith. You'll have to fulfill some quests to get more blessings. The music in this game reminds a bit on the one at The Long Dark with a gypsy touch of eastern culture. There are places in the town that you can use for building your own camp, but you need to collect materials for this too. The problem is to do all the same time, collect food, water, going to the toilet, which is also not for free, improve skills, do missions, craft and build something and get enough sleep. For me the number of tasks were overkill and ended always by killing me.

You will have to buy water and food to survive. There is few food to find at dumbsters and you can buy some at kiosks. Also you can not just drink anywhere for free water, you need to collect bottles and return those at the kiosk to earn some money to be able to buy a drink. The game has no map, you need to also buy that from a kiosk. If you steal from pedestrians they might catch you or the police might arrest you.

You can sleep on a park bench, but you are going to get cold and freeze and get ill. So if you find a fire barrel and some useless junk or wood to burn and next to it some cardboard you will be lucky to survive a night. That is how hard the game is. You can find a shelter anywhere in the town, but you need to also gain trust to be able to use it for free. At first you'll just be able to take a shower there and if you are good at talking later on after you improved your ability of speech you might find also a tailor that can improve your clothes. But you'll always need materials, skills or money to improve anything. To some people you'll need to be send by others to gain their trust, otherwise they'll just not offer anything to you.

The graphic isn't really nice, it remembers a lot of the games from 1990 and is partly kept just very simple with flat surfaces that do have a picture simulating some texture and edges. People just walk through walls and vanish into nowhere. The ugly streets and ruined facades of the houses shall probably show a poor and very dirty town in eastern Europe or Russia. Your character can also be leveled and improved in some characteristics. It might be more fun to play with a friend, but I barely ever survived longer than a few days.

We recommend: If you like hobo games, I'd wait for far more and better balancing and development before I'd buy it!