Hold your Own

Genre: Survival / Action / Crafting
Developer: DistrictWare inc.
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplay / Coop

The survival game has a coop and singleplayer till now, but it is planned to create later also dedicated servers. You start out with an axe, pickaxe and pistol. The game got a solid building and crafting concept, a farming system and a few quests (in the singleplayer). You can capture animals for your farm, the day and night cycle is not too long and you can turn it off to loose anything if you die.

There are resources on the islands, but it can be very tedious to grind for all you need because you always only get ten of each. Also I did not see any metal nods respawn. You can choose the difficulty of your game when you are starting. Removing stuff by the delete key and moving stuff with M makes building and changing things a lot easier.

The houses feel huge and too high and they look pretty empty by the few items you'll have to put in. The survival aspect of this game is caused by some NPC's and animals, which can attack you if you come too close to them. You also need to take care of enough food and water of course. Some random loot can be found and gets dropped by Npc's. Each house on the map is usually also guarded by one NPC who walks forth and back in front of it. The shooting seems to work randomly very well and then again suddenly not at all. The more you are expanding your base the more enemies seem to show up nearby.

You can build a boat or helicopter and if you loose that helicopter you can fortunately respawn it. Also there are a few ferry spots you can use to other islands. But not all islands do have those, so you might be very careful where to drop the only ferry pole you'll get in the beginning when you open up a server. You can only drop one bed and need to remove it if you want to respawn anywhere else and drop a new bed then where you want to respawn. The developers were nice enough to give the materials back if you remove the bed. Also keep in mind that beds can only be dropped on a platform. Another possibility to get fast back to any island is to drop that pole you did get for creating a new ferry spot on any island where non existed yet.

The graphic is nice and the game reminds a bit on Rust or Subsistance. Only 2 people develop this game so it might take a while till they get finished. You can only have a male avatar till now, but female NPC's do exist. There is no possibility to skip the night by sleeping. A map exists, but it is just a general overview that doesn't help much. Things still need to be improved.

We recommend: If you like survival games you can get this one on sale!