House Flipper

Genre: Simulation / Building / Interior Architect
Developer: Empyrean
Gamemode: Singleplayer

Clean and renovate old abandoned houses. Get started by some jobs before you buy your first house to redesign its interior. The game is about housework and handiwork and is quite realistic with the amount of time it takes to install heaters and bathroom equipment or fixing outlets, especially in the beginning. You can get some experience bonus after a while and may then choose for which skills or advancements you spent your points. It stays still pretty tedious to renovate the houses.

The shape and look of the houses are different and the tasks you'll get will be after short time always the same ones and a bit boring, but it will still be fun to design the interior. It is hard to design nice rooms though, because the furniture are very limited and often don't fit together by their colors, size or style. Especially small houses have a far too small variety of small furniture. By this you'll end up furnishing everything in a similar way soon. The furniture are exactly the same as in the Mist Survival game and probably bought at the unity shop or as humble bundle for unity, which is also kinda sad, because they aren't really unique. As it looks like you can buy there also complete houses for any game. That makes the game look like a fast cash grab and similar to the Sims a game that lives by the paid DLC's, but the developers were not willing to give any mod support to the users till now.

Painting and furnishing each house like the other isn't the promised fun we expected, but the tiles you get offered are limited and most of the paint for walls are also a bit too dark. The developers have a huge demand to put in a mod option for this game, but till now they ignore those requests. Everyone feels the huge lack of content and although people do love the basic concept of this game, a lot are complaining about the limited options and items. With more content and customisation this game could get a hit.

There is no timer on your missions and by this House Flipper gets very relaxing. The music is like elevator music, it just plays in the background nicely. If you got a phobia or problems to find insects in the houses you can switch from cockroaches to glass shards on the floor. You can also add pictures to the game and decorate the walls by those. It is too sad that you can not change textures on furniture.

The graphic is nice and the music fits. The building system allows you to drop walls and doors and the game reminds a bit on the Sims game, that also gave you a possibility to decorate and furnish. Its a shame that the developers don't put more afford into nicer items and more textures but try to just sell more by their DLC's. By this the game gets an overpriced superficial made cash grab. There is also only a male avatar for the game, but that's not really important. Unfortunately some things are still bugged, for example you can not place some furniture for the kitchen in a straight line because they partly drop crooked and the developers rarely ever fix those problems. After about 15 hours you played through the game and I don't hope anymore that they will add a bit more houses and items to expand the main game. They finally want to add a workshop to the game, which would probably solve most problems, so lets hope that the people did not get too bored meanwhile to not check back and start using that workshop.

We recommend: If you like to play architect for interior, you can buy it on sale, it is at its current state still fun!